Weather Report

Today’s weather changes each minute due to many reasons like increased pollution, global warming etc. Various weather departments used to provide detailed weather report with a 100% certainty. However, today’s weather departments only predict the weather forecast.

Weather Report

If you have an important meeting at office, you should check the weather before leaving your home. Mainly, in rainy season, you must have a virtual weather reporter that will provide forecasts at each moment. This is quite easy now because of Android. Android users can easily download any weather application and start getting weather report right away.

Best apps to check weather forecast

Yahoo Weather

This is one of the best weather reporters out there. Yahoo Weather is available for Android 2.3+ at free of cost. The user interface is awesome indeed. You will get weather report in different intervals i.e. hourly, 5-day, 10-day etc. Yahoo Weather requires your location information so that you will get better report. Generally, it provides details about wind, pressure and chances of storm. You can also check weather details of any other place using the in-built map. All the beautiful wallpapers make Yahoo Weather even better in terms of user experience.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel Weather Report

If you want to get more than just wind, chances of storm etc. there should not be any other choice except The Weather Channel. It provides everything better. The Weather Channel shows sunrise/sunset time, visibility, pressure, humidity, wind etc. You will get the weather forecasts for every hour. This is possible to get next 10 days reports as well. The most beautiful feature is you can check the weather by navigating through in-built map. However, be careful when you are using any feature since it shows advertisements too.

AccuWeatherAccuWeather weather app for android

AccuWeather app is developed on the popular weather report website, This app is really great in terms of providing forecasts. You can set your desired location by entering ZIP code or city name. By default, it shows the current temperature on status bar. Apart from these features, it will show you the hourly or 15-days weather report. Here, weather report indicates visibility, UV index, sunrise/sunset time and more others. You can also get a daily report via this app.

Google Now

Google Now Weather Report

This is the most trustworthy weather app for Android. If you are using Jelly Bean or later version of Android, you might have got it from day 1. If you do not have this, install it right now. It is a must have Android application. Actually, it does what you want. The most exciting feature is you can get weather report using voice command. If you are using Android 4.3+, enable OK Google everywhere and get the weather report from anywhere. It shows almost all type of weather reports including humidity, wind etc.

Now this is the most exciting trick to get weather report anytime you want. You can use Google to get weather forecasts. Just follow the only step;

Step 1: Go to Google and type

What is the Weather?

You will get a detailed weather report right away. This is a great method because you can open Google from any browser.

Bottom line

All those weather apps for Android are great and it saves a lot of time. If you want to get detailed information about weather, try using any one of them. To get future weather report, do not use the last trick.

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