Best Free Apps for the iPhone 6 Plus

Apple this time released a phablet device with a pretty huge display. Its bigger screen makes it somewhat better for some apps and gives you more control and more power, along with efficiency. So here are some of the apps for the iPhone 6 Plus that you must definitely try.

1. SwiftKey

Sorry for repeating this app here but this is one app we suggest no iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus user should miss. Android users had been enjoying the SwiftKey keyboard for long that lets you type by just swiping across letters rather than picking up your fingers and tapping on letters. Thanks to the iOS 8, that allows third party keyboards to be used. iPhone 6 users too can now use the SwiftKey keyboard and the large screen of the iPhone 6 Plus would offer a very pleasant typing experience with the SwiftKey.


2. Kindle 

Most of us reading this post here, have heard of the Kindle Tablets by Amazon that are optimized for reading ebooks. For those who don’t have a Kindle tablet, here’s the Kindle ebook reading app that is one of the best apps out there for reading ebooks on the large iPhone 6 Plus screen. Recently, a new widget by the name of Kindle was released which works with the Kindle ebook reader. The Kindle widget sits in the notification area and does the task of storing three most recently accessed book titles so that you don’t have to go to the app again to continue reading what you were reading. Definitely this app can come in handy for all those who use the large screen iPhone 6 Plus to read ebooks.



3. Open Table

Another app that has been customized specially for the larger screen iPhone 6 Plus is Open Table App. This restaurant reservation app displays all the nearby restaurants in a two column view. One column displays all the restaurants on the map while the other column displays the timings and other useful important information of restaurants in that list. A must have for all the foodies out there.


4. CNN

The very popular news app that many people across the globe use on many plaforms has now been optimized to be used on the iPhone 6 Plus. For the big 5.5″ screen of the iPhone 6 Plus, the app has been divided into two columns with both of them showing different news. You can scroll both of them independently and choose the article you want to read. One of the best uses of the big screen size of the iPhone 6 Plus.


5. PCalc Lite:


This app is not for the every iPhone 6 Plus user, and that is the reason it falls last on the list. For the Engineers and the Calculus guys, who uses a scientific Calculator all the time to do many mathematical calculations, this app can do it all for you. Though there are many Scientific Calculator apps on the store who can do the job for you, this app is the best for the larger display of the iPhone 6 Plus. Just tilt the phone to landscape, and you will be able to find the root, and do other complex calculations. On the iPhone 6 Plus this app just makes your day.

6. OneNote

One of the biggest advantages of having a bigger screen is the capability to note down things efficiently when you need to and the OneNote by Microsoft lets you do just that. The app has been optimized for the latest iOS 8 and new features also allow you to share the notes and other things stored in the OneNote on all your other devices at the cost of a click. Switching to the landscape mode by using the phone horizontally makes the keyboard even larger and with the SwiftKey installed, making notes will be easier than ever on the iPhone 6 Plus.


7. American Airlines

For all the frequent travelers who prefer taking flights than any other mean of transport and American Airlines is their favorite flight operator, we have something for you guys. This app lets you keep track of your flight and not only that, the latest landscape mode lets you search for flights on the left column and displays their status and other details on the right hand side.

american airlines

8.  Paper Camera

With a totally new redesigned user interface to make it easy to use and utilize the large screen of the iPhone 6 Plus, the Paper Camera is one app we suggest every iPhone 6 Plus user must download to get the right photos and edit them.


So these were the best free apps for iPhone 6 Plus. Do try them out and let us know how these apps work in the comments section below and stay tuned for more updates.

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