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“Best Free iPad Apps and Games” is the first thing you’ll ask Google as soon as you get a new iPad. Well don’t ask Google, ask Me! Today I am going to write a really big list of Apps and Games that are voted best by Users and Editors of different blogs/forums. And above all they all are going to be totally Free, so read and spice up your iPad with these cool apps!

Before starting with the list, let me explain the format: The list will contain Top 3 Apps from all major categories, also each App will carry a small description along with it.

Social Networking Apps for iPad

1) Facebook

Facebook, do I really need to say, why this is in the list? You ask Appstore, you ask users or you ask editors, All will have the same opinion for this app from the world’s best Social Network.

2) Twitter

All Celebs and Public figures choose Twitter over FB and it is the only Macro Micro-Blogging company in world. Sure you need twitter on the move on your iPad and Twitter respected that requirement and developed a sleek application.

3) LinkedIn

LinkedIn the biggest Professional Networking website also has its own application developed In-house which does a pretty good job. It’s number 3 in this category.

Entertainment Apps for iPad

1) Crackle

One of the legal apps that allows you to watch hours of movies and tv series that too for free, unlike Netflix which charges you for subscription. It comes with a sleek design as well.

2) Talking Tom Cat

If you don’t have this app on your big screen, then you are missing real time fun that keeps you and your family laughing.

3) TED

One of my and surely a lot more’s fav App. Education and Entertainment meet up the line called TED. You can browse TED’s full catalog which contains a lot of techno-entertainment based videos.

Best Games for iPad3

1) Angry Birds HD Free

Like facebook, Angry birds doesn’t need any introduction. World’s most addicting game keeps you busy that you don’t even notice the ads that comes as catch to this free version.

2) Draw Something

It’s a new sensation in the gaming world and totally redefined multiplayer games. It brings out the artist in you.. Download it and Draw Something!

3) MetalStorm: Wingman

The most amazing flight simulator game that too free! Do download and experience the best, graphics loaded, multiplayer game out there in iOS world.

Before I end the gaming section, I would like to confess that actually there are lot more games that should be listed here like Real Soccer, Frontline Commando, Fruite Ninja, Cut the rope etc. but I can write a whole post on the best games. That may be I’ll cover separately.

Best Music Apps For iPad

1) Shazam

You are listening to music on your TV, while playing an addictive game on your iPad and suddenly a song comes up that you haven’t heard earlier and the tune makes you dance? But you don’t know which song is it? Shazam comes to rescue. One of the best song recognition engine that helps you identify songs not only in English but several other languages including Hindi.

2) Slacker

The App for music lovers. You have iPad but even 64GB is not enough for your music thirst? Then Slacker is for you. The free radio app that not only streams music for free but also allows you to listen to ESPN Radio, ABC News.

3) Saavn (For Indian Songs)

This might not interest the world population, but for sure a large number of Indians and lot of other people who love to listen Indian songs should download this App.

1) Maps (Default App)

Yes I know it should not be counted, but to be frank it’s the best Map App for iPad.

2) Waze Social GPS and Traffic

One of the best open street map where you contribute to make it more accurate and useful everyday. You can find more up to date information about Traffic Jams, Accidents or Speed Traps as it is community driven and people like us are adding all updated information. One more additional advantage is, though its free it still sports Turn-by-Turn navigation feature.

3) Google Earth

Yes this one makes to the list as it provides Free World Map App and a fantastic 3D effect. With the latest version you can even view buildings in 3D at supported locations. You can simply rotate the world at your will and nobody complains about it.

NEWS Reader Apps for iPad

1) Flipboard

Without a doubt it’s the one of the most beautiful NEWS reader available till date for iPad with 3D flip effect. It collects all the NEWS that matters to you from your FB, Twitter and now Instagram as well and displays in a lovely format making it a highly customized magazine. It keeps you coming back to read more everyday.

2) Pulse

I would say it is one of the first NEWS reader to be successful across the world. Its UI is highly interactive and accommodates the world NEWS inside your iPad.

3) Feedly

Google Reader, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instapaper and Read it later: You name it and feedly brings you feed from that source. One more good looking and easy to use NEWS reader.

Best Photo Apps for iPad

1) Pixlr-o-matic

A great app to provide you various kinds of Filters, effects and frames for you Photos: to give them a great new look.

2) Photo Toaster Jr

Though free version is Ad supported, but this App is one of the best editting App out there to Toast out your photos!

3) 360 Panorama

This App redefined the way we used to create Panorama with our iPads. It provides point and shoot method and then stitches all the pictures together using an intelligent algorithm. It does its job pretty neatly.

Productivity App for iPad

1) Evernote

A simple note taking application that is not only capable of taking simple text notes but multimedia notes including Voice notes. It then syncs your notes to your Evernote account in the cloud which is then available to all your devices linked with the same account.

2) Dropbox

Evernote does provide you a great way to access your notes anytime – anywhere, but Dropbox is your personal cloud storage which saves all kind of files not limited to notes and is free too.

3) Dragon Dictation

You often want someone to write long long paragraphs for you because writing for long on iPad can be tedious. Dragon Dictation can be very handy in such cases that listens to you and types all those long chapters for you or quick emails. It even helps you update your Facebook or Twitter.

Top Reading Apps for iPad

1) iBooks

With a beautiful and smooth page turning effect it is The Best ebook reader available in market for iOS. When compared across platforms, I’ll still rate iBooks as #1 ebook reader for it’s simplicity and usability.

3) Kindle

After iBooks, I’ll suggest you to go for this one from Amazon as it has a vast plethora of eBooks available for free or for a small fee. One added advantage with Kindly is, it’s cross platform.

3) Readability

One of the best article reader which removes the unnecessary clutter from the page including ads and keeps your focus on main article.

Best Travel Apps for iPad

1) Trip Adviser

Trip Adviser is one of most used site by the travelers across the world for reviewing Hotels, Restaurant and points of attraction. iPad app compliments the purpose very well.

2) TripIt

Fed up of managing printed Itineraries? Make a free account on trpit today and link it with your email address. It’ll auto-magically pick up all booking confirmation emails and display all itineraries in your iPad.

3) Yelp!

App for foodies and travelers! You can find the best places to eat in a new location or your own time. Constantly each restaurant is reviewed by users and rating change on daily basis. A great UI helps to organize things even better.

Best iPad Apps for your Kids

1) Block Builder 3D Free

Its a imagination game for kids. No levels to pass, just pure imagination. Your kids can use the blocks provided and build what ever they feel like. Great engaging game for your kid.

2) Magic Piano

An interesting Piano app on AppStore which attracts both kids and adults. Doesn’t matter even if you are not the one for Piano, everyone is sure to enjoy this pretty fun and entertaining app.

3) Squiggles!

The App tailored for the creative kid. It doesn’t ask your kid to draw anything from scratch, instead it gives a Car, Bird, Fish etc and asks your kid to draw racing effect for car, nest for birds and water for fish. It’s a great way to keep your kid busy when you want to sleep for some time.

Health and Fitness App for iPad

1) Epicurious

To eat good is the key to good health is true! And now to attain a healthy diet you don’t need a nutrition expert for yourself anymore. Epicurious gives you a list of healthy food and shopping list to prepare one. It is frequently added with new recipes.

2) WebMD

One of the most reputable app in this category featuring Symptom checker, drugs and treatment for most common diseases. First aid information and local medical listing is also available.

3) Myfitnesspal

Your personal gym trainer alongside you always. Keeps track of your diet, workouts etc. The only app you will need to get in shape with your iPad.

Financial Apps for iPad

1) Checkbook HD Free

Expense manager at its best! Sporting a great and interactive UI. And allows you to manage almost any kind of account including saving account, credit card, debit card etc. It is also capable of creating reports in pie chart or bar graph format for your monthly spending.


The very same site which you love online has a app specially designed for iPad. Just link your Saving bank, credit card etc. accounts to Mint and you are fully automated. Mint will sync your spending made with linked accounts and keep you always updated with reports on your spending.

3) Bloomberg

Apple did not provide a stock Stock app with iPad doesn’t mean you won’t get stock updates. Bloomberg has it all and even more then what Apple’s stock app has to offer.

Top IM Apps for iPad

1) Skype

The best Audio/Video chat app for iOS. It’s main advantage is it is cross platform and supports almost each and every platform available including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc..

2) IM+

I personally prefer this one, as it offers multi client chat supporting Facebook, WLM, Gtalk, AIM etc right in one window on your iPad.

3) imo

imo supports Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, Hyves, VKontakte, Myspace, and Steam. It not only supports a big list of services, it also is a sleek and traditional client for chatters. Preferred by a lot of people as their primary chat client on iOS platform.

Finally we come to an end of this never ending list, but wait, how can we forget Education.. So here are the best free Education Apps for iPad

1) iTunes U

iTunes U includes over 500,000 free lectures, videos, books, and other resources on thousands of subjects. All this for no cost at all! Education never seemed this much interesting to me.

2) Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best video teaching service offering you over 2700 Video Lectures ranging from Kindergarten to Advance Science. One great feature you get with this App is the subtitles.. Each word that you can hear from video is subtitled and runs along as you go through the course.

3) Evernote Peek

Lift the Smart Cover to see the clue, lift more for the answer, then close and repeat. The best way to study your subjects and notes. A must have education tool!


It was a tiring job to prepare this list, hope you enjoyed it! I am sure we all don’t have same taste buds and your likes may differ at some places. Do let us know your favorite free Apps for iPad if I missed them in this list!

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