Best Games For Android Devices

Playing games is one of the best part of having an Android smartphone. If you have one of those then you should make it’s best use by playing some awesome games available in the Play Store. Today, we are going to discuss few of those games for android devices that have best graphics and fun factor.

Best Games For Android Devices
Best Games For Android Devices

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is the most popular FPS (First Person Shooting) game developed by Gameloft. It is one of the best action games in the Play Store with lots of mission and guns to play with. You have your own team and you need to follow along the story missions winning different-different areas of battle field. The game comes with stunning high end graphics and is the best one among Modern Combat series.

Asphalt : Overdrive

Asphalt : Overdrive is so far the best racing games also developed by Gameloft. The last game in the series, Asphalt: Airborne is an award wining game. This game will make you feel the real speed in a Retro Style, Pure 80’s style in the cities of California with 30 licensed vehicles. Must have game if you enjoy playing racing games, escapes and crush the cops vehicles, burn the tracks, do stunts and a lot more comes in this game along with decent graphics.

GTA : San Andreas

GTA : San Andreas is one of the most famous and award winning game till the date from Playstation has now come to your Android devices, giving you the freedom to do any thing including riding different vehicles, roaming around the city, playing missions, etc. If you haven’t heard of this Realistic Free Roaming Game then you must be living under a rock. It is available for Android users with joystick and soft buttons given to play with the player giving you full time realistic gaming experience.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team developed by EA Sports is a game for all those real Fifa fan boys. The game features over 10,000 players and more than 500 licensed teams and 30 real leagues with real time stadium experience. Get started with the game, build your own team of footballers and make them experts. Now you can enjoy the ultimate experience of sports game right away on your Android devices.

Temple Run 2

After the huge success of Temple Run, Imagus Studio decided to develop Temple Run 2. It is an endless running game where you can set up new records on daily basis, challenge your friends and much more. You run and make points until you player dies or stucks at some point. It is the most famous games till date played by all age groups of people.

Real Racing 3

As the name explains, Real Racing 3 is a racing game that features real cars from over 90 famous manufacturers including Martin, McLaren, Koenigsegg, Ferrari and many more. It comes with 12 real tracks with brilliant graphics. The game allows you to do real-time racing and drifting.

Kritika Chaos

Kritika Chaos developed by Gamevil is a very nice RPG (Role Playing Game) in which you have a choice, with whom you want to play the game and choice of two different characters is given in the beginning of the game. It is a fighting game and instructions are pretty simple, use joystick to move around and buttons for actions. The game has very smooth and high end graphics. Also, going through different-different levels, your player gets stronger and at the end there is a Boss Fight.


These were the best games for android devices that you must definitely try out. The high end graphics and story line of these games will make you play them again and again. If you have any more suggestions please leave them in the comments section below.

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