Instagram Proxies: Best Instagram proxy in 2018

MyPrivateProxy is a top Instagram proxy provider that suits account automation software. Proxies provide an intermediary between the internet server and your PC. Instagram proxies have more to do than just any other proxy. MyPrivateProxy offers the best Instagram proxies of 2018 as seen in this review.

Did you know that Instagram keeps track of all your actions? This is irrespective of actions done manually or by the Instagram bot. This is basically why you need a premium Instagram proxy.

Who needs the Instagram proxy

Social media marketing specialist promoting more than one brand in different accounts from a single device. Creating collage accounts that will create a full picture made up of several pictures. Creating a catalogue profile with posts that have links to a subaccount directing to a website.

All these actions and others can lead to a closure or suspension of your precious Instagram account. That is basically why you need a premium Instagram proxy like MPP.

MyPrivateProxy review

Private proxies for Instagram

Private proxies are only assigned to a single user. In the entire time of subscription, you will be the only one with the access to the specific private proxy. MPP’s private proxies are a perfect match for those that need additional security to their accounts. They keep you away from cyber-attacks and make you untraceable.

Shared proxies are assigned to a specific number of users. The proxy is not only made accessible to you but to others who are subscribed to the same deal. This is why it comes second after dedicated proxies.

Instagram Proxies: Best Instagram proxy in 2018

The pricing is fair when compared to other proxy providers and the services provided. The lowest subscription starts at $2.49/month while the highest goes for $2500/month. These prices are for monthly subscriptions. The dedicated proxies are obviously priced than shared proxies due to their characteristic additional security feature.

MPP has not indicated whether there are discounts when a proxy user makes a more than one-month subscription. However, there is a cart for a custom deal. This is a plus, unlike other proxy providers.

Proxy Service delivery

Taking advantage of a trending hash tag on Instagram can be tricky if your proxies are not set up in time. We all know that trending moments can get you more followers, likes or even leads to your website. MPP’s proxies are set up immediately after the subscription is made. There is minimalized waiting time.

Customer service

It is 2 am in the morning and you are having an issue with your proxy. MPP’s customer service is awesome. Whether you are working late, the customer service team is ever awake and alert to even reply to a simple hello. I am going to wish one of them a goodnight someday since I know that I will get a response promptly. I will not have to wait until the next day to read the response. It comes before the dizzy eyes shut by themselves.
The team is ever available through the website’s ticketing system, email or live chat.

Proxies Speed and uptime

At first one would think that the MPP’s 1 Gbps connection is a jest. Not until an experience with no buffering Instagram videos, scratchless live feeds, crazy download and upload speeds. Basically, a good Instagram proxy should get you all this. MyPrivateProxy offers not just a single 1Gbps connection but a multiple of them. With up to 99% uptime and speeds, the Instagram experience is scintillating.

Control panel

The panel is fully automated. This means seamless management of proxies, authenticated IP addresses, and usernames/passwords. The authentication can be done up to 10 different IPs or username and password.

Server locations

There are a plethora of cities to set your IP address to. These include numerous data centres in 16 major USA cities and 8 other European locations. Talk of variety.

Pros of MyPrivateProxy

· Fast internet connection
· Secure Instagram browsing
· Money back guarantee
· Instant proxy delivery

Cons of MyPrivateProxy

Slightly expensive but with more and superior features.


The numerous perks that come with MPP’s private proxies make it the best Instagram proxy for Instagram in 2018. It will not go without mentioning that they offer VP services too. This makes it a one stop shop when looking for proxies for Instagram. You can check MyPrivateProxy Proxy offers here.

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