Best Modules for Xposed Framework

Best Modules for Xposed Framework

This is the era of Android development. Today’s development is far better than earlier days. Now you can use your phone as per your requirements. No matter how boring your phone is, you can transform it into a  super-phone within moments.

Android Development

Xposed Framework is such a great Android development material that has increased the expectation of a user. Obviously, your Android phone must be rooted in order to install Xposed framework.

Actually, Xposed Framework is a medium to install different modules. You can install plenty of Xposed modules and make different changes to your phone. However, the repository of Xposed modules is large. You will get tons of modules for various purposes. Obviously, not all of them are useful. Therefore, today I am going to sort out some most useful Xposed modules which you can use after installing Xposed Framework completely.

Best modules for Xposed Framework


This is the most useful module of Xposed Framework. This is available from Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to Android 4.4 (KitKat). This is an all-in-one system customization module for Android. You can do a lot of things;

  • Change statusbar transparency
  • Change statusbar icon color
  • Center lock in statusbar
  • Control phone’s LED, Volume Keys and Power key
  • Show or hide signal icons and clock from statusbar
  • Change navigation icon

There are also several other options to personalize your phone using GravityBox. However, just install and start using it according to your wish.

Download GravityBox for Jelly Bean

Download GravityBox for KitKat


XPrivacy Xposed Framework Module

It does not matter what you are doing with your phone after installing any app. You should always be careful what your app is doing with your phone. You must check if any application has the permission to control your Contacts or Call Logs or anything else. You should not let those apps control over your privacy. XPrivacy is such a great module that will aid you to allow or prevent any app from controlling something.

Maximize Widgets on Lockscreen

Maximize Widgets on Lockscreen

You know that Android 4.2 lets you add widgets on lockscreen. It helps users to check notifications faster. By default, it shows percentage of battery or number of unread emails etc. on lock screen. If you want to get more information about your email or battery or any other lock screen widgets, use this module.

Boot Manager

Boot Manager Xposed Framework Module

Windows users can easily manage their startup programs to make their boot faster. But you may face problems if you allow or prevent any app from running during startup. However, the actual solution is here. Boot Manager is such a great module that will let you prevent apps from starting at reboot. This is very easy to use. Just install Boot Manager Module and tap on those apps what you would like to forbid.

Protected Apps

Protected Apps Xposed Framework Module

This is as simple as Boot Manager. By using this module, you can protect your installed apps and system files from being checked by others. You can lock down any installed apps using PIN/Pattern/Password.

Although, you can do the same without rooting but this Module has more options than other apps.

Final Word

Certainly, there are many other Xposed Framework Modules but these are the most used modules out there. Anybody can use them without having an expert knowledge.

Which one is your favorite module?

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