Best Motion Sensor Games for Android

Who doesn’t like playing games on their Android device? Android devices act as one of the best and cheapest portable gaming devices that we can use. In addition to that, we have a very high number games and apps available on the Play Store where we can choose and download games that interest us.

Personally, I like games I can interact with and by interaction I mean being able to control the elements using my Android device’s sensors like the motion sensor etc.

I have been a fan of motion sensor racing games since a long time and sometimes love to play simple lite weight motion sensor games and I am going to list some of the best motion sensor games for Android in this post.

Best Car Racing Games For Android

Need for Speed: No Limits

Racing games are one of the most played genres both on mobile devices as well as PC. Who doesn’t like racing through the streets in exotic cars while having some cops on your tail?

Well, not many people in real life but I guess games are an exception. I have been a fan of the Need for Speed franchise ever since I first play NFS Underground. Need for Speed also has some mobile version of their games and Need for Speed: No Limits is the newest member on their portfolio.

This is a story-driven game in which you start off as a rookie and you have to win races and other similar events in order to make a reputation and finally beat the game.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

asphalt 8 airborne

This is one more mobile car racing game that is one of the most played and downloaded games on Android. This has been on Play Store since quite a while now and the game is developed from one of the best mobile game developers i.e. Gameloft. The game is set in various different places and you have to race across the campaigns to beat the game.

You also have multiplayer option in the game so you can easily battle with racers around the world. Playing online with real people is fun!

Real Racing 3

real racing 3 android

Want to enjoy some racing simulation without all the extra bells and whistles that come with normal racing games nowadays?

Real Racing 3 is a motion sensor game for Android that focuses more on providing the same experience and you might get in a racing simulator for PC. This game doesn’t come with any of the extra challenges you get in a street racing kind of game. You can choose from a pool of more than 100 cars and about 12 real tracks from around the world.

Riptide GP2

riptide gp2

Riptide GP2 is one of the best premium paid games that you can buy on Play Store. You have to ride and race on a water ski and jet riders. There is a career mode in which you can race and win rewards. The online and multiplayer mode makes sure that the game always feels thrilling and exciting as you race with players around the world.

You can also challenge your friends in order to race with them and this is fully compatible with Google Play Games so all your progress is synced across devices if you use multiple Android devices.

Lite weight motion games for Android

Boost 2

boost 2 android

Boost 2 is a thrilling racing game in which you have to race across a vortex and by dodging blocks and hurdles all across. This is a really fun and snappy game to play if you want to try some other type of racing game other than ones with cars or bikes.

There are various different modes in which you can play the game and my favorite is the Time Attack mode in which you have to complete the race in a specific time limit.

Temple Run 2

temple run 2

Temple Run is one of the early hit games that smashed the Android Market and Play Store when they released it. The first version of the game gathers a lot of users and fans and when the second version i.e. Temple Run 2 was released, the game again saw a huge number of downloads as well as new fans around the world.

This is a game in which you have to speed away from a demon that obviously wants to make you their dinner. You have to dodge hurdles, ride rail carts, collect coins and collect diamonds in order to make the highest score.

Highway Rider

highway rider 2

Just in case you are obsessed with motorbikes and want to see how it feels to speed on a highway, nearly hitting cars, trucks and other vehicles then this game is just for you and YOU NEED HELP.


This is a game in which you have to ride a bike and race on a highway collecting points by dodging the traffic and getting as many near misses as you can but keep in mind that speeding is an offence and you will have cops on your tail.

Labyrinth 2 Lite

labyrinth 2 lite


Control a steel ball on a wooden labyrinth and save the ball from falling into pits and using your phone’s motion sensor, direct the ball to the destination and win the game. This game provides you 22 playable levels after that you can pay to get the full game if you wish.

With Labyrinth 2 you can create your own levels and there are elements like Cannons, Bumpers, Multiple balls, Doors etc. to make the game much more fun.

So, these are some of the best motion sensor games for Android that you can download and try on your Android device. Do you also know about some games that we didn’t mention here? List them down in the comments below and we would love to take a look at them!

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