Best Note Taking Apps for Windows and Mac

We overlook so many vital things frequently in our everyday’s busy schedule. Millions of people face this same issue. Only few of them take further steps to prevent him/her from forgetting any important task or note. If you are an Android or iOS user, you might have already tried numerous note taking apps. However, what if you use Windows or Mac a lot?

Best Note Taking Apps for Windows and Mac

If you are a Windows or Mac user, here is a list of some most trendy note taking apps. You can use a note taking app like a reminder or notepad or like your personal assistant. Nevertheless, finding the best note taking app for Windows or Mac is the actual problem since there are so many apps under same category.

Best Note taking apps for Windows and Mac


When I talked about best Android Wear compatible apps, I mentioned Wunderlist as the best app. I wouldWnuderlist, Best Note Taking Apps for Windows and Mac like to repeat that because Wunderlist is actually great that will let you keep in mind all your imperative tasks. Wunderlist is available for almost all platforms including Mac, Windows, Android, ChromeBook and so on.

You can take notes, set reminder and do other important things. The most interesting feature of Wunderlist is you will be notified by email for each reminder. On the other hand, the user interface looks great as well.


evernote, Best Note Taking Apps for Windows and Mac

You might have already heard about this note taking app. This is yet another great app for capturing your thoughts. Evernote is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android etc. Although, this is available at free of cost but you can also try the premium version to get even more features.

You can create text, photo as well as audio notes. Alike Wunderlist, it will synchronize automatically across all your devices. Evernote can also notify you for each reminder and that is the most important feature of any note taking or reminder type application.


OneNote,Best Note Taking Apps for Windows and Mac

Although, I am writing it in the third position but this is the most favorite app by tons of productive people. This note taking app is available for all major platforms i.e. Windows, Mac, Android etc. at free of cost. You can also the web clipper of OneNote and send any note to your native Onenote application by just one click.

The user interface is really awesome and it is covered by minimum features. You can use OneNote as text editor as well. Just double click on anywhere and start writing your notes.


simplenote, best note taking apps for macThe title says everything about this software. This is the simplest method to capture notes. SimpleNote is available for Mac, Android iOS etc. But unfortunately, SimpleNote is not available for Windows. However, it comes with a white user interface that has only some options to take notes easily. On the other hand, this is completely free.



Wunderlist vs. Evernote vs. OneNote vs. SimpleNote

Price: Although all the apps are available at free of cost but Wunderlist and Evernote requires purchase to unlock all features.

Availability: Apart from SimpleNote, all the other note taking apps i.e. Evernote, OneNote, Wunderlist are available for all major platforms. Therefore, it will be helpful for you to check note across multiple platforms.

Features: Although, SimpleNote has relatively fewer features than other apps but you won’t be disappointed if you use it as a note taking app.


As you have seen all the features and comparison, this is confirmed that Wunderlist and OneNote are comparatively better than rest of the apps.

Are you using any note taking app in your PC? Which is the best for you?

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