Best Sidebar Apps for Android

Android is definitely a great platform for mobile and tablet. Although iOS is a competitor of Android but there are millions of people who often suggest using Android over iOS. There are lots of free apps and games available for Android on Google Play Store and other third party resources.

Best Sidebar Apps for Android

Why do you need a sidebar app?

If you are using many apps in your Android phone and putting them on your home screen to get them faster, you might have already made a messy home screen. A cluttered home screen can be even more time consuming for you to find out one of your favorite apps.

That is where sidebar apps work great. You can simply install a multi-tasking sidebar app in your Android phone and build an additional sidebar where you can put your favorite apps or settings to make your home screen uncluttered.

Best Sidebar Apps for Android


Sidebar for Android, Best Sidebar Apps for Android

The Sidebar Lite is available at free of for Android with fewer features. If you need even more than below mentioned features, you can purchase the pro version of Sidebar.

By using Sidebar, you can pin your favorite apps in the virtual sidebar of your Android phone. Not only apps but also you can access important settings of your phone right from the same sidebar. Sidebar Lite/Pro will notify you if one of your favorite apps is running in background. The Sidebar Pro comes with some other great features like unlimited pins, right side swipe, custom icon, width adjustment and more others.


Swapps, Best Sidebar Apps for Android

Swapps for Android 2.3 and up is also available at free of cost. You will get more features in Swapps than Sidebar Lite to run it as per your requirements. Although, Swapps is required purchase to access all the features but the free version works well too. You can obviously put your preferred apps and system settings in the sidebar. On the other hand, this is also probable to change the width, side and height of Swapps. The unlocked version provides some useful features i.e. app blacklist, custom pad and text color, custom transparency and so on.


SwipePad for Android, Best Sidebar Apps for Android

SwipePad is quite different app in terms of settings but the workflow is same as aforementioned apps. However, Sidebar and Swapps allow users to pin only apps and system settings but SwipePad allows you to add shortcuts, bookmarks, contacts etc. along with Apps and System Settings. The best part is SwipePad can run with various popular Android launchers i.e. Go Launcher, Nova Launcher etc. In addition, SwipePad is highly customizable as well.


Glovebox for Android, Best Sidebar Apps for Android

This is even better multi-tasking sidebar app for Android. Alike SwipePad, you can add apps, system settings, bookmark, contact, speed dial, books and more other using Glovebox. The most interesting feature of Glovebox is you can use the sidebar directly right from your home screen. In addition, you will be notified for each unread notification i.e. new email, unchecked missed call etc.

Bottom Line

Obviously, sidebar apps are great when you need to access some settings, files and apps faster. Anyway, if you find more sidebar apps in Google Play, you will get some other except these above-mentioned apps but all of these aforementioned apps are much better than rest of them.

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