Top 10 YouTube proxy websites to unblock YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best site on internet with millions of videos on it. In past few years YouTube has grown immensely dragging the attention of millions of users from all countries. It was initially created by ex-PayPal employees and later owned by To stop their students and employees from getting distracted, YouTube is blocked at many schools and colleges. If you are one among those who are trying hard to unblock YouTube using proxy websites and searching for youtube proxies, you are at a right place. YouTube can be unblocked using different ways but the easiest way is to do it using online youtube proxy websites. There are many Proxy websites on internet which will act as YouTube UnBlockers.


 Top 10 Best Youtube Proxy websites to Unblock YouTube

Few of the Proxy websites are free and few are paid. In this list, we provide 10 best Proxy websites that can be used to unblock YouTube without any issue,

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1. NinjaCloak  – Best YouTube Unblocker

ninja cloak


NinjaCloak is one among the free web-based proxy that will allow us to browse our favourite websites which are blocked at colleges, schools and universities. On the home page of   NinjaCloack, you will see an input box to enter the URL of the website we are going to unblock. Enter in that box to access YouTube instantly.  It also provides an option whether to use Cookies or not. You can check the No cookies option if you want it to be. You can enable secure connection by clicking on “Enable HTTPS Secure Mode”.

2. Anonymouse

anonymouse youtube proxy

Anonymouse is a web based proxy site which will let us surf the internet without revealing our identity. To Unblock YouTube using Anonymouse, just go to the website and enter the URL of YouTube in the Input box on the home page. Hit enter to access the YouTube. This is a one of the oldest web-based proxy site, which has been helping users from past 14 years.

3. Zend Proxy

ZendProxy acts as a middleman between us and the internet, which helps us to surf the internet anonymously. It comes with few options like “Encrypt URL”, “Remove Scripts”,” Allow Cookies”, and “Remove Objects”. We should first enter the URL of the site which is going to unblock and then we should select the options before hitting Enter. If you don’t want your Cookies to get Tacked will browsing, Then just Tick unmark “Allow Cookies” so that your Cookies will no longer be tracked while using ZendProxy.

4. ProxySite – Youtube Unblocker


ProxySite comes out with inbuilt links to popular sites on Internet, which make our things even easier. On the home page, just above the input box we can find the links to “ Google”, “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Reddit”,”Imgur” and “Youtube”. To access YouTube which is blocked at your School/college/university just Click on the link YouTube and instantly you will be redirected to YouTube Homepage instantly.

5. UnBlock Youtube Free

UnblockYouTubeFree Youtube Proxy

This proxy is specially created for the sole purpose of Unblocking YouTube at the places where it is blocked. Youtube’s URL will be pre-entered into the Input box there, all you need to do is just click on “GO” button to access the YouTube, Which is blocked. There are few more Proxy websites related to the same website, here is the list of them. All of them will work without any issue.

6.  YouTube Free Proxy 
7.  Unblock YouTube at School 

8. YouProxyTube

This is also one the Best YouTube Proxy website, which is helping the people around the world by acting as YouTube Unblocker. All you need to do is, just go the website and click on “GO” button. That will make you to Unblocked YouTube. You can also unblock any other website using this same Proxysite. For that, all you need to do is, just remove the URL from the input box. Enter any other websites URL and Click on GO, this will help you to unblock other websites too.

9. The Best Proxy –  Youtube Proxy


TheBestProxy normally caches all the frequently visited pages on their server. With this, if any new user requests for the site that is being frequently visited, then TheBestProxy will deliver the webpage faster than the other Proxy websites. As YouTube is also one among those frequently visited sites, you can access the YouTube with greater speed.

10.   Proxify – Unblock YouTube

Proxify - Best Youtube Proxy

Proxify comes out with many interesting features. Check the screenshot below to view all the options provided by the Proxify Website. By using the “Proxify Satellite “option on the home page you can choose any proxy server from the list which contains dozens of proxies.

kindly comment below if you are facing any issue with the proxy servers mentioned above.

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