5 Productivity Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity

No wonder Google has taken over all other web browsers with its Chrome. Having said that, as we all know, one of the best Chrome features is the support for extensions. After Chrome has added its support long back, tonnes of apps started coming into the Chrome Store and today we can find an extension or an alternative

Easy to do exercises for Bloggers

Easy to do exercises for Bloggers

As known to all people who are associated with the world of internet, blogging is one of the most important parts of this virtual world. And every blogger that steps into the world of blogging gets linked to this superb dimension in a very important manner. { MY5KUPEZ4GMW }

10 Common WordPress Security Holes and HOW TO Avoid Them

Almost 20% of the web is powered by WordPress and there is a stunning increase in this figure, 40% of total hacks and exploits are targeted on WordPress, Believe it or not. WordPress is bloated with multiple doors for exploitation, While a Simple HTML page can only be hacked by gaining access to Web Hosting Account. Use an updated version

Convert Facebook Or Twitter Into A Blog With Mild

There are a millions of people in the blogging world. Each day a new blog is hosted on the internet. Each of these websites has their own niche. Hosting a blogging websites is not a big deal (Converting it into a successful one is Tough). But making a blog out of your personal life can

Why Join TheGeekDaily

In the recent months, I was introduced to Satish Gandham, the founder of TheGeekDaily.com and was immediately drawn towards the way he operates his blog and how he treats the numerous writers with utmost respect and importance. I was looking for guest posting opportunities all around, and have found many who have published my articles.

5 Places to find Free Stock Photographs for your Blog

No doubt, Blogging is a great tool to express your views on almost anything. Most blogging platforms these days give you tools to make your content as impressive as possible – by adding photos, videos, and other multimedia content, you can make turn your content into an interactive story. Now, the question that arises here

[HOW TO] Show Star Ratings on Google SERP

Author reviews works on Single posts

Google introduced the Rich snippets in their search results a long time ago, in 2009. But still a lot of Bloggers aren’t aware of how to utilize it to drive more traffic from Google Search Results. Like Author image next to contents make good impressions to Googlers. Star rating also added more credibility and a