How To Increase your website traffic

increase your website traffic

increase your website traffic There are several bloggers who have their own opinions on what are the best ways to drive traffic to your blog or website. Some say you need to write exquisite and unique articles, some believe in commenting and leaving backlinks to your blog, some would go about explaining SEO and techniques

How To Create Your Own URL Shortener

When it comes to the matter of blog post URLs, it has already hit more than 30 characters including your site’s “http://www”. Yes, such a long one. If you’re a simple WordPress user, it’s okay. What about those people who have developed their own blogging platform or those WP users who’ve custom permalink formats? They

3 Unheard Myths About List Posts

How do you feel reading a list post? I, personally feel interesting, good and shortly written deep informative content. I love even writing them too. List posts are the best way to engage with the user, I believe. When you’ve something to tell your readers about upcoming android phones, how do you write them? “Top

How to Make an Android App for Your Blog in 10 Minutes

Creating an app needs great programming skills and time. But if you want to create an android app for your blog, we say, It just need 10 minutes and absolutely no programming skills are needed !  Don’t worry, I am not telling you to head to fiverr or Digitalpoints and hire a coder. You don’t even want to spend

What is Keyword Research and How to Use Google Adwords Tool for it

SEO keyword research

Being a blogger, you should understand and realize the importance of a keyword research and know how to use it effectively.  I’m sure “Keyword Research” and “Google AdWords Keyword Tool” aren’t new terms for you. But if you are a blogger who has comparatively less knowledge on these terms, this post is very important to

Common Guest Blogging Mistakes

guest posting mistakes

In this world of internet, where bloggers make up the most part of the web; I must survive along with them and it might be tough sometimes. In my entire blogging experience, I’ve been noticing things which have changed a lot in the recent years and there are some tactics which have been the same.