How To Get Blog Post Ideas?

blog post ideas

All through my blogging experience, I’ve come across people facing different kind of problems in blogging. And when someone analyzes their list of problems, the thing that stands on top is writing a blog post and getting blog post ideas. Every now and then, I’d also faced it until I found a permanent solution for it. What I say

9 Proven Ways To Get More Subscribers To Your Blog

I often see people struggling to get more subscribers to their blog. All I can say to them is “The more the people in your list, the greater the response you get”. But let me add, it’s going to be the toughest part if you’ve just started building lists. When I started my blog, I

How To Write Content For Your Blog Readers

No matter how long you’ve been blogging, how much experience you have and how big is your reputation; unless your blog has readable content. Content is definitely the king for a blog. Though you’ve done SEO for your blog, this is not going to show its effect until your blog starts posting quality content. Quality

[How To] Automatically Backup WordPress Blog to Dropbox

Taking regular backups of your blog is always advised to be on the safer side just in case some thing bad happens. As the blog continues to grow it’s good to back up your software and post database regularly. Usually these days most of the web hosting offer you to take backup of your site. Usually getting

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts Every Blogger Must Know

wordpress keyboard shortcuts

WordPress is perhaps the most popular Content Management System around the globe at present hosting millions of sites. With so much of content being produced each day shortcuts to achieve some mundane tasks can greatly decrease the work load and save some precious time as well. Below we have discussed some of the Keyboard shortcuts

How To Know Which Theme A WordPress Blog Is Using

check source code

Got inspired by the WordPress blog design, want to know which WordPress theme is that? Here’s how to know which WordPress theme is being on that blog/website. Three Ways To Know Which Theme A WordPress Blog Is Using Scroll Down To The Footer Check the footer for theme name and address Yeah, that’s the fastest

How to Add Facebook Comments in WordPress

Implementing Facebook Comments in your WordPress blog is the best option to indulge with the readers of your site more socially. Facebook Brings to your site. Genuine Comments As everybody has a Facebook Id, there would be a more chances of getting more comments. Commentors would have the choose to post the same comment to

Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Website

Phones are smart enough to open Desktop websites, but network is still not smart to support higher speeds. With 3G, speeds have been increased but it is still out of reach of many due to its high cost. It means that we need to find alternatives to enable our readers and customer to interact with