iOS 5 Jailbroken, Cydia Installed and Works Perfectly! [Pictures Included]

It’s just a couple of days ago, when at WWDC 2011 iOS 5 was announced with a bundle of more than 200 features. Yesterday @MuscleNerd confirmed that he was successfully able to Jailbreak iOS 5 and install Cydia and iSSH.

iOS 5 JB@MuscleNerd tweeted that he used limera1n+tehtered boot to jailbreak iOS 5. That clearly means that limera1n’s code is still valid to crack iOS 5, although it is a tethered jailbreak which means that a computer would be needed to boot the device every time. Also, MuscleNerd claimed that Cydia worked fine for him on his iPod touch 4g and he tested that by installing SSH (a command line interface for iDevices).

Although, in past Developers has never released such information before the public version was released, because this causes threat of JB method being captured by Apple and probably Apple patching it.

MuscleNerd posted this first image in which you can clearly figure out Cydia installed on iOS 5 (you can identify it as iOS 5 by seeing NewsStand and Reminder icons and new music player icon).

cydia on iOS 5

The second image he posted depicted iSSH tool running

iSSH on iOS 5

And this final screenshot he posted depicted Cydia in operation on iOS 5

Cydia running on iOS 5

It is evident to note that Apple has embedded a lot of Jailbreak features into Apple’s new iOS 5 but the new iOS 5 will open more doors to system level programing attracting more users to jailbreak offering awesome tweaks. The betas are still in testing phase by developers and the final release might get a patch for this jailbreak, but as always jailbreaker will find a way out to continue this fight against Proprietorship.

I would like to ask all the readers, that are you going to Jailbreak after reviewing the features of iOS 5 and how eager are you for its launch?

2 thoughts on “iOS 5 Jailbroken, Cydia Installed and Works Perfectly! [Pictures Included]

  • August 7, 2011 at 12:26 am

    Yes, only now, it’s inherent for apple to communicate to the device without the need for a computer. This means that apple will know you have a jail broken device. Think about that.

    Also, keep in mind that during this beta phase, the only consequence is that you can’t receive ota updates. What if that changes? What if a future release detects this and locks up your device?

    Also, now that all these features are offered through the software, isn’t the cydia network breaking copyright laws?

    This will be interesting. I think ios5 was developed to stop jail breaking. I mean apple went to court to try and stop it, what makes you guys think they are going to treat it like android did?

    I think none of the apps will work unless you have ota on. This is called icloud.

  • June 29, 2011 at 2:07 am

    This comes as great news to all of us here who wish to jailbreak
    Our devices and rid ourselves of the proprietary chains that bind us in terms of usage of what is admittedly great hardware!! Apple devices have so much potential but are only stymied by the company’s tight grip on the software that this will come to bite them in the behind at some point! I remember them as the small guys that led the fight against “Big Brother” or IBM if you will, but now it would seem that they have become the very same enemy which they hated and revolted against!!


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