[Breaking News]: Legal Siri Port for iPhone 4 in works

Everyone owning older iDevices including me were expecting the Jailbreak community to spin their magic wound again and port the amazing virtual assistant Siri to there older devices. And yes two young hackers/developers are working hard to make our dreams come true.

This new attempt to port Siri to iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4g is call i4Siri. Before I tell you anything further, have a look at this video in which the developer talks about i4Siri.

The video looks very promising and we hope that the developers get success in building a port and opening it to public soon. Earlier we have seen other Ports such as H1Siri which was allegedly built by some Chinese hacker and was supposed to be illegal which had no security of your data and it even caused your device to die.

i4Siri looks much in shape to serve you legally and without being a threat to your privacy. These developers are working hard on making things work as soon as possible and they even post their daily progress. According to their website i4siri.com their goal is:

The project i4Siri generally is supposed to port siri to iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. Specifically we are looking to make a similar server like apple’s that runs and processes siri dictations just like apple exempt ours will NOT log personal data and it will not require regeneration of 4S keys every 24 hours.

As for the legality of out Siri port:

We are hoping to be able to make the install of this Siri port as easy as possible. It is going to be as easy as possible but also legal. Meaning we are planning writing a program that will extract the Siri files from 5.0.1 firmware and install them on your device. This will be an automated process. We hope to be able to have this for windows and mac but mac will be first. Part of it WILL be downloaded via Cydia.

It is illegal to distribute the siri files but if we download apple’s firmware and decrypt the files it is 100% legal. We hope to be able to bring a fully functional and legal port for all. This is the ultimate goal.

They are expecting donations for further help with setting up proxy servers and I would suggest you to help them. This will not only help them bring up the servers and required resources up and running for all but will also get you early access to this port.

In their latest post they showed there i4Siri proxy server and it’s status:

The video below is showing my iPhone 4S running on a virtual machine at Alex’s house. This is not a release server but a test server. We tested custom requests in the video. This test was cross-country. I am on the east coast and alex is on the west coast.

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