Browse Internet at a High Speed as 500 Mbps for free

Internet has become an essential part of our life just like other necessary things. In this age we may not be worried much if we don’t get quality food, but when it comes to internet its different, slow internet connection is not at all tolerated! We get slow internet connection even after paying high bills.  Most of the ISPs(Internet Service Providers) claim that we get 1 Mbps but the actual speed will be around 512 Kbps-800 Kbps. This makes us  curious to find some unconventional ways to Browse Internet at a high speed.

I guess that you are very curious to know the method to browse internet at a high speed as 500 Mbps for free. Even I was curious when I first got to know about it. I have a 1 Mbps connection and I would always try to find some ways to increase the speed without paying anything extra. Finally I found a way through which we can browse, watch youtube videos, netflix with 500 Mbps speed and sometimes even more. You don’t need to pay a single penny, its completely free!


Browse Internet at a High Speed
Browse Internet at a High Speed

Before explaining how to get that speed let me explain how it works. Actually we will be getting this speed of 500 Mbps but on a virtual computer(Remote desktop). We will be able to use that virtual computer remotely and browse at High speed with full control over that virtual computer. If you have used virtual box for using other Operating systems as guest OS on your Host OS(operating system) you will understand it. There is an application for using Other OS on our PC known as VM Virtual Box. Similarly in our case too we have a website known as “Rabbit” which acts as a Virtual Box. – Browse Internet at a High Speed  upto 500 Mbps:

You might be still not believing but this is absolutely true. is a startup company started few years ago in California. It was started with the intention to give people better experience in video chatting with additional features such as “RabbitCast”. In RabbitCast a person can browse any website he wants, stream youtube, netflix at High speeds like 500 Mbps. This makes a revolution in video chatting experience. We can also watch movies, stream youtube along with our friends by forming a group on

Features of

Rabbit has awesome features other than just the conventional video chatting apps. The following are some of the features.

  • There is a feature to communicate with anyone throughout the world.
  • We have an option to create a group, add friends to it, do video chat and also watch movies together in group.
  • lets us watch movies, TV shows,Netflix and YouTube videos.
  • It is absolutely FREE without any hidden charges.
  • You can Browse with high-speed internet upto 500MB/S.


  • Must have Laptop or a Computer. This doesn’t work on mobile!
  • At least 1 Mbps stable internet connection.
  • account! ( Keep reading!)

How to Use  Browse at a High Speed of 500 Mbps?

  • First you have to visit on your PC and register your account by clicking sign up button.
  • Fill all the details and verify the email address.
  • There is an option to login using Facebook account.
  • After logging in select “Messages only”.

Browse Internet at a High Speed

  • On the next screen just click on “Decide what to watch”.Browse Internet at a High Speed
  • Now click on youtube to watch youtube videos or browse internet.Browse Internet at a High Speed
  • You can visti and check the speed of your internet.Browse Internet at a High Speed

You are now all set to make the most out of high speed Internet. You can watch movies of your choice at HD resolution, watch netflix although its not accessible in some areas.

Some Limitations of

  • Everything is alright but a limitation of is that you can’t download anything on to your PC .

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