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Android TV: The New Era Of Televiewing

In today’s era, where everything has the word “smart” attached to it, there was no way that TVs could be left behind. Yes guys, the era of smart TVs is here. Smart TVs have been here for some time but they have gained much popularity in the past couple of months, especially after the Google

LG G3 vs Oppo Find 7


Before getting into comparing LG G3 vs Oppo Find 7 let me tell you my experience. A month back I received Oppo Find 7 for reviewing. I put the device on charge(as it was dead) and the moment charging symbol got displayed on the screen I went wow. That was the first time when I

Apple Watch – Everything you should know

Right from 14th century, a watch has been an immediate and integral way of knowing the time. Watches are used as a time keeper, and more than that watch is an accessory, a fashion statement, and for many, its a part of them. Apple watch continues to carry the same intimacy forward extending the purpose of the

Moto G or Redmi 1S

Motorola recently launched their second generation Moto G and it went on sale for Rs.12999 ($179.99) in India. With a lot of gigs and not so much difference from its ancestor, Moto G second generation was a heart-break for me. The major difference between Moto G first generation and second generation is that the later comes