CCleaner – How to use it effectively

Using CCleaner – How to use it effectively. Everybody must have heard about this amazing piece of software. Generally, people simple click the clean button once, and feel like that’s enough. But, there’s a lot to tweak in this software. This software which cleans the temporary files and clears the private data has loads of features which are hidden, and needs to get explored, such as tweaking the cleaning process, and even wiping away your hard disk completely.

For beginners, the software seems easy to simply click the button and get the work done. But let us explore the more awesome features f it below:

Keep an Eye on What it is Deleting

CCleaner clears much stuff by itself, and those are marked by default. You would like to not to lose the browser caches, such as the Temporary Files. These files are stored by the browsers not as s junk, but because these help the browser to speed up the browsing experience in the future. Visiting a site again in the future will directly load the images from the caches area. Letting CCleaner to clean these files will get you some space on your hard disk and will also provide you with some more browsing privacy, but clearing it frequently will lead to slow web browsing experience.

Thumbnail caches are other caches, which will get you some free space, but will slow down your experience. When you open up a folder which contains a lot of images, then it will again create a cache for it, and will take time. Hence, it will give you some free space, but will make your system response slow sometimes.

Other options would be to clear the most recently used lists. These lists do not take much of your memory, but you might want to clear them if you have some privacy concerns. But, if these are the lists which you refer to frequently, then it is better to leave them unchecked.

Keep an eye on Important Cookies

By default, all the cookies are cleared by CCleaner. But, you don’t want to delete all the cookies. After deleting the cookies, you would see that you have got to login again at the websites you visit regularly. If you want to avoid such a thing, then go ahead and launch the Cookies pane under the Options Pane.

To avoid important cookies to get deleted, you should right click at the Cookies Pane and select the Intelligent Scan option. This feature will automatically will add Google, Yahoo, and  Hotmail cookies.

I guess you would like to add more cookies to avoid to get deleted. For this, simply choose the websites from the list, and click on the arrow pointing towards the right. So, this will add the website to the list of cookies which would not be cleaned. Hence, you would not be required to re-login on those.

Registry Cleaner

CCleaner has an integrated registry cleaner with it. The Windows Registry has loads of registry entry in itself, and a removal of few won’t really affect the computer’s performance much. But, your system will really get affected if any of the important registries gets deleted. So, it is better to not to run this tool, just a precaution.

But CCleaner has one of the safest Registry Cleaner. But, as a precaution, make a backup of your registry before running a clean operation. The backup will be really very helpful in case you find issues after cleaning your registry.

Managing the Startup Programs

The startup programs are the programs which launch automatically when the computer boots up. The Startup panel lets us to disable or delete the Startup programs list. If you don’t want to delete an auto-start entry in the list, then disable it instead of deleting it. By doing this, you may easily re-enable that entry in future.

Securely Wiping the Drives

Deleting a file from the operating system does not actually delete it, and those can be recovered with a good probability. Only the pointer which pointed the file gets deleted, and the operating system marks that sector as free. The File Recovery Files can easily scan your hard drive and recover such files. Hence, when a file is deleted, the Operating System should replace the bits of the deleted, so that they cannot be recovered. CCleaner has this tool named as Disk Wiper, which securely frees the space securely.

Many people assume that the wiping should be performed multiple times to securely get rid of the data. In case you are planning to dispose your hard disk or your computer, then you may use the Disk Wipe tool to clear the contents of the Hard Disk securely.

CCleaner allows you to wipe away the free space every time you run it. You may enable this option by checking the Wipe Free Space checkbox, under the advanced section of the CCleaner pane. If this option is enabled, CCleaner will take a lot of time, as it will scan you system deeply. Hence, it is recommended to disable this option for normal scans.

Deleting Files – Secure Manner

The Drive Cleaner Tool of CCleaner deletes the files securely and in an effective manner. This process is slower than how the files are deleted by the operating system. This is the main reason why, by default, the files are not deleted securely by the operating system. But, if the concern for Privacy is important, then you should enable this option. The option is enabled at the Settings section of the Options Pane.

Including some Custom Areas

There are several programs and some directory which you would like to be cleared regularly, but they are not included in the CCleaner. So, you may add these programs and folders in CCleaner manually. Hence, when you run CCleaner, these programs and folders will be taken care of automatically.

Go ahead and open up the Options Pane, and select the Include section to include the custom programs or folders. But, always be careful while adding the files and programs, as you might accidently add some important folders.

To enable these files and folders to be taken care of automatically by CCleaner, go ahead at the Cleaner Pane, and check the Custom Files and Folders option under the Advanced category, in the Windows tab.

Excluding few Areas

If there are some sections which you do not want CCleaner to clear, you have the similar option of excluding such areas. Exclusion of an entire drive, file, folder, or a registry key is possible. The exclusion of some specific file formats is also possible. You may add the exclusions under the Exclude option at the Options Pane.

 Managing Installed Programs

CCleaner hs the tool to uninstall programs as well. It is included under the Tools Pane. This option not only allows you to uninstall a program, but also to rename or delete the entries, and and changes you make here will be reflected back in the control panel as well.

The list of installed programs can also be exported to a text file and saved. This serves as a memory to what programs you have installed, in case you ever need to install all the programs.

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