Chat With Your FaceBook Firends Without Getting Distracted from your WALL

I don’t have to point out the fact most people love to hang around with their friends. But as a matter of fact as time passes friends kind of move on with their life, but the bond of friendship still remains intact. And Facebook has a very big hand in keeping our friendship intact, by letting us read status updates and private messages along with live chats with your friends and colleagues. But you can’t always waste your time being logged in your browser waiting for someone to show or waiting for some private message. Now you may be thinking what if you can actually be logged in to your Facebook account without opening your browser and can view and chat with your friends when it’s necessary while still working. Keeping these things in their mind folks at Facebook introduced their Facebook Messenger.

I think many Facebook users do know about Facebook Messenger, but haven’t tried it or some may have-not heard about it at all. Just like some Facebook users I didn’t want to install a messenger thinking what good it will do for me. But since I’m a blogger or trying to be good at it, I had to try Facebook Messenger just for the sake of finding it’s importance in our day-to-day life.

Keep Up With Facebook Friends While Working With Facebook Messenger

Why I loved Facebook Messenger

Only my friends know that I don’t waste much time on Facebook, I always log in to see if there is some important thing that I have missed or to see what my friends are doing. And to tell you the truth, I get pretty frustrated when my ISP experiences server load. Just because of this my Facebook page does take a lot of time to load.

But with Facebook Messenger, you don’t have to worry about server speed and other blah blah stuff, as it just takes a limited amount of network resources to keep you logged in.

I personally don’t like using messenger or other clients of this sort as they pop-up in front of you while you are working on something. While writing this article I was logged in to Facebook Messenger and was chatting with an old college friend, and I was amazed that Facebook Messenger did alerts you with a sound, but it doesn’t pop-up in front of you to annoy you.

Another good thing which makes Facebook Messenger great that it not only act as just a chat messenger, but it also shows your friends update simultaneously, so you can be updated with your friends while working.

Closing Words: So if you’re among the group of people who like work while being connected with your loved ones then Facebook Messenger is the best option for you.

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