best google chrome extensions for facebook

I really like Google Chrome browser. It’s fast, reliable and minimalistic. Today I’m gonna show you some of the best Chrome extensions for Gmail, Facebook and YouTube.

best google chrome extensions for facebook

Better Gmail (Unofficial)

This extension is pretty much all I need for Gmail. It’s key features are:

  • Show Unread Message Count in tab favicon
  • Hide Footer
  • Show Attachment Icons
  • Highlight Rows on Mouse Over
  • Handle mailto: links with Gmail

…there are some others which I really don’t care about. This is very good combination with always opened and “pinned” Gmail tab.

Facebook Photo Zoom

This one is my favourite. Really usable one. You simply navigate cursor over zoomable image and it will pop-up in bigger size over the page where you currently are. Brilliant! You can always turn it off and on by clicking the button next to the chat in the right bottom corner.

Facebook Share Button

The easiest way to share anything on Facebook. Very handy – be careful, try not to flood News Feed.

Facebook Rounder

This one won’t make your life easier but if you like round corners, it’ll make you feel much better 😉

YouTube Music Video Lyrics

You’d like to sing along with your favourite singer but you don’t know the lyrics? Try this extension and have your lyrics only one click away in a nice pop-up. No need to switch tabs or move your windows.

YouTube Title Adder

If you hate YouTube links without any information about what’s “on the other side” as much as me, you will really like this extension. It automatically adds the title of linked video and also this little “+” button so you can expand and instantly watch linked video right from where you are.

There are plenty of other extensions that can improve your browsing. Today I wanted to show you these six. You should try them yourself and see if they can save you some time and nerves like they save mine.

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