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Android is the most used mobile platform in the world, it’s been said that more than 70 percent of smartphones in the world are powered by Android. What makes Android so huge? The answer is simple and can be explained in one word “Freedom”. Yes, Android means freedom. Android does not come with restrictions like iOS or other operating systems. Android is an open source mobile platform with high number of applications, games and stuff. Other than that Android is easy to use, have lots of unofficial developers, who come up with extraordinary tweaks and customization. There are many other reasons why people choose Android over others.

android issues solutions
Android Issues


With such a huge following and amazing features, android also comes with some common problems but that does not mean that we stop using it. The solutions for the common problems is also very easy and can be done without any technical knowledge. Today in this post I will list some common problems and their solutions. These problems are very common and I’m sure 90 percent of users have gone through them. Let’s have a look.

Most Common Android Issues and Solutions

1. Battery Draining

This is very common problem in modern day smartphones, though they come with mind-blowing features but battery issue spoils all the fun. About 80 percent of smartphone users are suffering battery problems and the solution is not always buying a new battery. So, how can we overcome this problem? Scroll down for the solution.

battery drain

Solution: There are number of ways which you can try and see improvement in your phone battery life.

Lower Down Display Brightness: Android phones come with huge AMOLED displays which alone are responsible for battery drains. Lowering it down or using auto-brightness mode can work wonders. (Settings > Display > Brightness)

Turn off unnecessary radios: When not in use, turn off Wi-fi, bluetooth, NFC, mobile data, GPS etc. These features keep scanning for signal and suck up the juice, so better turn it off if not in use.

Close Background apps: If apps are continuously running in background they consume power, so just trim down unnecessary apps (Long press home button and swipe off running apps).

Remove unnecessary widgets and live wallpapers: These may look cool but are big time battery suckers. So remove unnecessary widgets from home screen, also avoid using live wallpapers as they consume a lot of battery.

Un-install recently installed Apps: If your phone is suddenly facing battery drain outs then the reason could be one of the recently installed app. So try un-installing it and see if this works or not.

There are many other ways to overcome battery drain issue, if any of the above solution is not working for you then it may be because of faulty battery. Try going to service centre.

2. Phone is Very Slow

Another common issue among smartphone users, This can even affect high-end smartphones. The reason for this can be low memory (RAM), There are two types of memory on a device:

slow phone

  • RAM: Random Access Memory or RAM is memory used to open the app. When you open a program or app, it uses RAM memory for the process. RAM memory stores information temporarily and will automatically clear after reboot.
  • Storage: Storage memory is your inbuilt storage or microSD card in your device. When you save your actions it gets stored in storage memory. Storage memory stores information permanently.

When you use some app and close it, the app keeps running in background and will keep running until you end the process for that app. For all apps you used and didn’t end it, they’ll keep running in background and each will take some part of your RAM. When your RAM memory will become low, Apps and programs will take longer to open or respond. Your device will start to behave sluggish and slow.

Solution: The simple solution of this issue is clearing RAM memory or rebooting your phone. Rebooting is a technical term which actually means turning your phone off and then turning it on. By doing this, your phone will automatically clear RAM and will also clear temporary files, making your device fast. You can also clear your RAM by pressing your device Home button for 2-3 seconds > RAM manager > Clear memory. Or by downloading a free app ‘DU Speed Booster‘ from Google Play Store. This app will clear all unnecessary temporary files and RAM and will make your device fast.

If the above mentioned steps don’t solve your problem then maybe a recently installed app is causing this.

Go to Settings > Application Manager > Downloaded Apps

Uninstall the most recent installed app and reboot your phone. If your phone is still slow then repeat, go to Downloaded Apps and uninstall another recently installed app and reboot again. Keep doing this for 3-4 recent apps, if your phone is still slow then I’m afraid you’ll have to perform a Hard Reset.

To Perform Hard Reset: Go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Reset

3. Water Damage

One out of three smart phone users have dropped their smart phone into some kind of liquid. So what to do if you have accidentally dropped your phone into water or other liquid? Most of the time your phone is dead but if you take proper steps on time, there are chances of saving your phone from damage

Water damage android

Well there is no guarantee that these steps will work but they will surely increase the chances of saving your phone, given that they are followed immediately after the incident.

  • Never start your phone, this can cause short-circuit.
  • Take out your phone battery immediately
  • Keep your phone, battery and back cover separately on dry place. Place them on a dry towel so that it can soak up the water.
  • Don’t touch or switch on your phone for 3-4 days. Don’t touch your phone before 3 days strictly 3 days.
  • After 3 days, put in battery and try switching on your phone.
  • If your phone doesn’t turn on or behaves oddly then take out the battery and leave your phone for another 3 days. Try again after 3 days.

You can use silica gel packets, silica packets soak the moisture and help drying the phone. If you follow these steps soon after water contact then the chances of saving your phone are high.

4. Phone Crashes

Many a times Apps on android phones stop responding or take like forever to open or respond, many times they crash when you are playing games or browsing. Suddenly your device will shut down and reboot automatically, this is called crashing. When a phone crashes, it will automatically shut down without any warning.

Solution: To solve this problem first we’ll have to figure out what is causing this problem. There are 75 percent of chances that  it will be due to some recently installed program or app. If your phone automatically shuts down, turn it on and after it turns on, repeat the same action which you were doing before it crashed. If it crashes again then there is something wrong with that app or program. There are a number of ways to solve this, many times reinstalling the app solves the problem and if it doesn’t then try updating the app, many apps have bugs and updates are meant to fix bugs so updating can solve your problem.

If your phone still keeps crashing then you might need to perform a Hard reset.

5. Phone Volume is very low

Previously I’ve faced this problem and I know many people who’ve faced this. This is very annoying because many a times you won’t even know if somebody’s calling you if the phone is away as you won’t be able to hear the ringtone. Well, this is not an only Android issue but indeed a very common one. There are many reasons for this, maybe a hardware issue or something else.

Solution: When I faced this problem, I tried a lot of tricks but nothing fixed it. While researching on internet, I came across an app which claimed to increase android phone volume by 30-40 percent. So I gave it a try to my surprise the volume was much better than before.

So, if you are facing same problem then follow the below steps:

– Go to Play Store on your device.

– Search for ‘Volume Booster‘ (Free App)

– Download andInstall it

I hope this trick works for you as it did for me. If problem still persists then I will suggest you to go to nearest service center.

These were some of the most common Android issues and I hope the solutions work for you. Please leave your comments below and don’t forget to share this post.

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  • June 13, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    I didn’t know all the Android phones come with AMOLED displays. Though I’m pretty sure my android doesn’t come with an Amoled.


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