Common Computer Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

Every day we come across different types of problems in our regular computing tasks which have a negative impact on our work, and leave most of us annoyed since we are generally not aware of the simple solutions to these problems. So we thought of compiling a list of the most common PC problems and how to troubleshoot them. This list will go a long way in eradicating these problems whenever they arise during your work. So here they go:

Problem #1: Start Button and Task Bar Have Disappeared

Solution: Either the “Auto Hide” option is enabled or you might have dragged the taskbar down too far. Check whether Auto-Hide is enabled by pressing the Flying Windows key in your keyboard to bring up the start menu. Open the Control Panel and click on Taskbar & Start menu icon. Make sure that Auto Hide is not enabled. If it is, disable it.

If Auto Hide is not enabled then hold your mouse cursor on the bottom and the task bar should appear. Simply hold the mouse button and move the bar up.

Problem #2: Taskbar Has Moved to the Left, Top or Right of the Screen

Solution: The reason for this is that the taskbar isn’t locked and you probably moved it there by holding your mouse button and dragging it accidentally to that position. However to bring it back, simply hold the mouse button and drag it back to the bottom of the screen. Now right-click and select Lock the Taskbar to ensure that you do not move the taskbar in the future.

Problem #3: The Program Has Hung Up

Solution: This is a rather common problem encountered by almost all users sometime or the other. If a program has hung up and you are unable to close it, simply press Ctrl+Shift+Del at the same time to bring up the Windows Task Manager. Now select the program that has hung up from the list and click on End Task.

Problem #4: Can’t Find a File/Accidentally Deleted It

Solution: If a file that was previously in your hard drive has disappeared, the most common reason is that you might have accidentally deleted it. Open the Recycle bin from your desktop and the deleted file should be there. Right click on it and select Restore. The file will be back to its original location.

Problem #5: I Erased Text While Typing

Solution: If you are typing a document and have accidentally deleted a paragraph or a piece of text, you can simply click on Edit in the menu bar and select Undo. Alternatively you can also press Ctrl+Z to bring back the text that you deleted.

Problem #6: Double Click is Not Working

Solution: Sometimes a mouse may malfunction or the double-click simply might not work in certain cases. If that happens, click once on the file/program that you wish to open and press the Enter key in your keyboard.

Problem #7: Can’t Find a Program I Installed

Solution: If you have installed a program but its icon doesn’t appear on your desktop, then you should check the Program list under the Start menu. Click on Start and select All Programs. The program that you just installed should be there in the list. Click on the main executable file and open it from there. If you want the icon on your desktop, you can right-click on it and select Send To. Then click on Desktop (create shortcut).

Problem #8: Can’t Uninstall a Program

Solution: If the uninstall option doesn’t appear in the All Programs list then you can uninstall it using another method. Click on Start and open the Control Panel. Now click on Add or Remove Programs. It’ll take a few seconds for the list of programs installed in your computer to show up. Select the program that you wish to uninstall from the list and click on Remove. The uninstall box will appear and you can uninstall the program easily.

Problem #9: The Shift Option Isn’t Capitalizing

Solution: If you wish to capitalize a letter using the Shift key but it isn’t happening, most probably the Caps Lock is on. Check whether a green light is appearing below the Caps lock option in the extreme right of your keyboard. If the light is on, it means the Caps Lock is on. Simply press the Caps Lock key to turn it off.

Problem #10: The Text on the Web Page Appears too Small

Solution: If you feel the font of the webpage you are reading is too small, you can increase the font size by holding Ctrl and scrolling your mouse wheel. Similarly you can also decrease the font size by scrolling the wheel in the opposite direction. You can also hold ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Plus’ and ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Minus’ to zoom in and zoom out on your screen respectively.

Did you like this article? Are there any other common PC problems that annoy you? Do share them with us.

Stay tuned for our next article on common computer hardware problems and how to troubleshoot them.

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