Common Guest Blogging Mistakes

In this world of internet, where bloggers make up the most part of the web; I must survive along with them and it might be tough sometimes. In my entire blogging experience, I’ve been noticing things which have changed a lot in the recent years and there are some tactics which have been the same. I should say Link Building has never changed. People have been commenting, guest posting and forum posting to get the maximum number of links back to their site. I must say, I’m a great fan of guest posting. I’ve been writing guest posts from a very long time.

guest posting mistakes

I love guest posting because they provide link back to my site, they bring me quality traffic and when I guest post on some large site, like this one; they bring me reputation too. When I get these many advantages with a single post, how come I can ignore that strategy.

But guest posting has some tough parts too

  • It is not your blog, so you’ve to write according to that blog
  • You must satisfy the admin with your writing
  • Your post should be good enough to engage with the blog readers

Not just these, you’ll face many others too when you’ll also start guest posting. There are few common mistakes that every guest bloggers do. Read further to learn how to avoid them

Anchor Textsguest posting mistakes

The primary target of guest posting is getting a quality backlink from a high page ranked site through your article. I saw many people using anchor text like Click Here in their blog posts. Instead you should use your blog’s primary keyword as the anchor text at every possible condition.

Choosing the Niche

I, Koundeenya, am a personal victim of this. In my early blogging days, I just wanted to post and high PR blogs and nothing else concerned me. I own a blog of technology niche and I wanted to build huge backlinks to it. So I started guest posting on other blogs. One of my friend (a well established blogger) started laughing on seeing my guest posts. As I own a technology blog, I’m much comfortable in writing technology articles for guest posting and all I have targeted were food/health related blogs.

Strategies don’t work for you, until you get to know them. Having relevant links are quite more important than having a link from site of high Page rank.


Never under-estimate the power of guest blogging, it’s not just links and stuff, they can favor a lot to your blog. So, always write quality blog posts. I, personally don’t care the post topic whether I’m going to use it as a guest post or use it for my own blog. Writing low quality posts for others and publishing quality posts on your own blog isn’t good anymore. If someone finds an interesting guest post of yours on any other blog, I’m sure, the person will turn into your blogs’ subscriber. I really mean it and I’ve got more than 60 subscribers in a month. Prefer quality, no matter the page rank of the blog

Have you made any of these mistakes in your blogging career? Or Do you’ve any other strategies that can make a great blog post? Do let us know through comments.

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