Comparison of Download Accelerators: Mass Downloader vs IDM vs DAP

Comparison of Download Accelerators: Mass Downloader vs IDM vs DAP

This is a small review of the download accelerators I’m using. Download links are also provided. So, choose the best and go directly to the website via link.

  1. DAP (Download Accelerator Plus)
  2. Mass Downloader
  3. IDM (Internet Download Manager)

mass downloader vs idm vs dap

DAP (Download accelerator plus)
This is the first download accelerator I used. You can use this software as many days as you want without purchasing a license but it comes with ads( They are not going to bother you much) and limited functionality. In premium version you get to see the preview of the video when some part of it is downloaded and u can also extract the zipped files before they are completely downloaded.

Ratings: 6 out of 10

Download Download accelerator plus (DAP)

IDM (Internet download manager)
It is much better than DAP (Download accelerator plus). This has an additional functionality called site grabber, Using this you can save all the pages in a site for offline browning and the download speeds are also good. It integrates itself with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and other popular browsers easily. Above all you can find the cracks for IDM easily. The only thing is, it gets updated too frequently. This might not be a negative for you, but it’s sometimes irritating to update it every now and then.

Ratings: 7 out of 10

Download Internet Download manager (IDM)

Mass Downloader:
The best thing with mass downloader is it comes without any restrictions on usability expect for the license expires after 30days. Though the license of IDM (Internet download manager) expires after 30 days it’s not hard to find a crack for IDM, but it’s very hard to find a crack for Mass Downloader I tried very hard for it as it’s my favorite download accelerator, but no luck. It increases your download speeds by 10 to 30 fold.

The only limitation of download accelerator is its license expires after 30 days and after that it’s impossible to use it unless you format your system.

Ratings: 9 out of 10.

Download Mass Downloader

Which is the best according to you in Mass Downloader vs IDM vs DAP? And which Download Accelerator do you use? Tell us in your comments.

61 thoughts on “Comparison of Download Accelerators: Mass Downloader vs IDM vs DAP”

    • i know idm id great but it depends on your speed no matter which one you get all of them would be same for broadband cause its speed is constant but mobile broadband shows better result cause its unstable and without download manager it sucks but i like idm 6.07’s new design u cand set 16 parallel connection for one download don no if it can be done by mass dap or anyone else.

  1. IDM is the best download accilerator ever. The features are

    1) Amazing accileration
    2) Site grabber
    3) Scheduler
    4) Link refresh
    5) Relieble

    And no shareware comes with a virus in it. Iam pretty sure about that. The virus you found in the mass downloader must be a adware. It is a adware. Nothing harm to the computer. so Dont worry about it. and you will not get higher speed than your bandwidth. with any download manager. and I PREFER IDM

  2. well i agree that mass downloader is the best but in case of IDM…its worser than DAP…believe me ppl i have 2 mbps speed so IDM will take my speed upto 300kbps sometimes and sometimes my speed would be like 15 to 20 kbps it just takes our downloading speed up and down so our speed remains constant and does not accelerate much…ppl get fooled they only see thier speed accelerating but when the speed reduces below 50 kbps…they are blind.And in DAP the trial version also has a limitation that it does not accelerate much(which is not mentioned above) and ppl blindly think that DAP cant accelerate more….plz use the patch crack of DAP and test it…well i found that DAP and Mass downloader were same when i downloaded a 40mb file but when i downloaded a 17mb file…i dunno y DAP took way longer than Mass downloader so the best downloader is Mass Downloader(proved)…IDM sucks dick and one more think ppl have made some videos to prove that IDM is better than download accelerator…well i can say that they have used speed limitation is DAP….dont get fooled ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. IDM is always best and DAP is idiot.

    DAP:– unchi dukan fika pakwan.

    It is the comparison between ‘ANT ‘ & ‘ELEPHANT’

  4. hey i m using idm 5.18 and its the best accelerator available….my download speed wasx 8-10 kbps and now my downloading speed is 100-135 kbps!!

    and i m using a dail-up connection….!!…and the best thing about it is that,if the open youtube in ur browser there will a button of idm to download video directly!!

    • It is impossible that you get 135 kbps on Dial-up Connection, the standard Dial-up connection is of 56 kilobytes per second and only in lab experiment you can get 8-kilobits out of it. In reality Dial-up has less speed than 8 kilobits per second.

      • Dial up speed depends on modem. normal is 56.6 K bits(8 K Bytes). but i’m using my mobile dial-up (edge)some time i get around 250 k bits (30 K Bytes) per second. use DU Meter to monitor your data transfer speed and total usage.
        I use IDM its the best simple GUI. link refresh is my favourite option. and direct download from web players.
        DAP is not so fast for downloading files below 20MB. i tested it and compared with idm. and above 20mb both gave same results. for better performence from idm use 8 connections (default is 4) for a download.

  5. MD Can Download videos from METACAFE And YOTUBE ?????????????????

    WHICH provide more bandwidth MD IDM DAP ??????????????????

  6. hey kooki…

    did u downloaded the cracked IDM???
    if u had downloaded the cracked IDM then it would be a corrupted file….

  7. Hey guys, I found a copy of Mass Downloader 3.7.797 with a (hopefully) working crack! I’m testing it right now to see if it will get past the 30 day limit, but in the meantime try it yourself, I’m pretty confident that it works.

    I use all the time (it’s where I got the Mass Down), IMO it is the best Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc. search engine; searches countless warez forums. There were about 100 entries for Mass Downloader, the warez forums are pretty much copycats, you can find the same thing in about 50 forums, lol.

    Here are two links, just in case:

  8. hello!guys i think IDM is the world best download manager,i have tried all(mass downloader,dap,flashget)but IDM has its unique status i love IDm and also suggest it to those who have low download speed bcoz IDM in other words is download booster……………………………………………..FAHAD SIDDIQUI

  9. I’d really advise you not to get DAP.
    Once you install it, it’s hard to remove it.

    IDM ruined my laptop and automatically deleted my desktop, so it started showing the windows 2000 theme and prevented me from opening anything (no files nor folders)

    I’m gonna give Mass Downloader a try now.

  10. im using MD right now…
    but…………..i think…..
    IDM is better….


    when u wacth a video on youtube..
    IDM provided us the download link for the video..
    but MD does’nt,which is very sad tho..

    MD is crackable…very easy…
    but idm is hard…even tho u find the crack…
    IDM can recognize it was a fake license T-T

  11. from my point of view IDM is the best.i had tested all the downloading managers. among them IDM is the best. i also tri mass downloader,DAP premium, FDM, flashget, easymule etc. IDM is best forever. Even im using dail up connection.

  12. You can find the latest version’s (3.6.759) crack in

    I have no comments on it’s performance yet, coz I found the crack just now. I was using FDM. It’s a free software even worth to buy. As I think it may also have same performance as MD. However it’s eye-catching interface canno’t be compared to MD. Everyone better try it. No crackz no serials….! Free for ever)))

  13. Hey…..its far better than IDM….but as compared to DAP premium I don’t think it has anything better than DAP premium….if it has please let me know about it plzzz.

  14. Hey…….

    If You Want to search the software+crack
    You can find it at

    or if you want to download mp3

    I’ve been download MD+crack at
    I Very Love MD!!!!!!!!

  15. thanks for the link Vivek but why does it get reported that it contains a TROJAN. (Avira, the world’s finest antivirus)

    CAN you remove it and repost PLEASE.

    thank you so much, Bootchee


  16. MD is the best downloader then others….i hv tried many downloader but Meta product downloader is the best downloader…

  17. yes, Vivek.

    MD surely could integrated with browser, such as Firefox 2 or newer version.

    To be more sure, if you use Firefox, you could use FlashGot addons from the official site.

    For cracks, I have too for MD 3.4 build 725, but i could only works for awhile, very sad huhh…

    may i know your cracks..?? 🙂

    • ya i tried it too but …the IDM supports grabbing video files (flv,mpg,avi etc)which is embedded in web site. this feature is lacking in all other browser. so im not gonna kick my IDM its the best download manager..try its new version 🙂

    • hey! vivek i used MD 8.1, its great works well but downloading embedded videos on web ie flv,mpg, avi etc is not working well where as in IDM(new version) whenever video or audio files are played in web it automatically shows the download option its sooo easy….!so for me its the best download acclerator in the world….
      if there is any way to download same type of files in MD plz let know..

  18. I have used IDM and DAP and all i can say is that DAP is a crap.IDM works well for me with the browser integration and other stuff.Does MD also have this browser integration?If you have a Mac you can use Speed Download which is the best of all download managers

    MD is crackable
    I have the crack of 3.5 build 740

    Its so easy.You guys dont search in the right areas

  19. yes, i hv tried it, download the same file using MD, IDM and DAP.
    I use DAP Premium, with expert connection settings, but MD takes most bandwidth than others.

    In MD, you could sets the threads as you wish.. More threads that you set, it will be more bandwidth that you could get during downloading.

    AMAZING !!!

  20. Yes.. Mass Downloader is more better than IDM and DAP. I’ve tested and compared it with IDM and Flash Get.
    And the rank is, MD is still number one, IDM is number 2, and Flash Get is the last number…

    Now, I use MD and IDM. MD when my connection is full, and IDM when there is no one on my office who access the internet.


    • Yeah! Mass Downloader is good but basing from my experience Internet Download Manager(IDM) is better because it accelerates your download up to 300%. It also has the Grab Video support that Mass downloader is lacking.
      Here you can download the Internet Download Manager (Registered Version) and also has a crack inside just in case you need it.

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