Confess Yourself

It is hard to believe the world’s transformation from tone to phone. It also had a hand of Steve’s manufacture called iPhone, that made people bring the imaginary things to reality. Apple’s creation of App store gave wings to many individual thoughts like whatsapp, wunderlist and many more. These apps enabled people to create wonders in the hands and one such app now we are going to discuss is confession app. Where are you heading now? Just wait! It’s true now you can confess from your palm itself with this app. A premium mobile app came into the market to hear you confess.

Sharing and self-promoting was a fascinating thing these days, which resulted in growth of networking sites like social, knowledge and personality. One kind of that sharing app that hears your feeling anonymously is Confess app. It may not be the substitute for confession, but it will be barrier reducer in some instances like sharing thoughts, fears, joys and insecurities in an anonymous way with others.

Confess Yourself
Confess Yourself

Sharing became so important because people are surrounded by many close friends, but they could not share anything with them in person which resulted in uncomfortable behavioural changes in their present life. Most of the people in the present world are filled with materialistic feature. So to share one’s personal feeling through confession has become rare.

With a price of $1.99 for this app salivates from the sins you do. It’s a Roman Catholic app, which comes with dual famous platforms for now that is an Android and iPhone. This app gives high security for its users, which makes everyone more comfortable, people like to present their sins, but the problem is they don’t want to expose their personal beliefs. This app does not provide the feel of confession, but it gives you at least a small relief.

The user interface is not that hard and not that simple for any user to understand it. Any user who want to confess his sin has to login in the starting by describing the below indications Name, Sex, Birthday, Vocation and Last confession and Password. The confessions are broadly categorized into different categories. These helps you to categorize your sin easily, and help you to describe yourself easily. After entering into a new category all you have to do is just select your sin. Don’t worry even if your confession does not come under any category, just make yourself comfortable and look down below the screen to find the custom category where you can create your personal confession.

This application is now moving rapidly in market with a present users around 10,000 with a lower size of 332 kilobytes. It released in April 2011 but spreading its roots in this recent days. With an average user rating of 4.4 anyone can estimate the securities and services provided by this catholic confession application. I hope this may not reduce the whole barrier of getting confessed, but it may give you some instant relief which helps you to keep motivated.


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