Control your Android Smartphone with Hand Gestures, Seriously! [No External Device Required]

You might have read my earlier post “Control your media player with hand gestures” if not then go read it. After the response I got for it, I decided to hunt more of such fun apps! And guess what I found one more.

This is an Amazing app which transforms your Android device totally into a fun device. It has plethora of options and versatile gestures, it’s the highest output you can get from your Android Device!

Boss, you are the best! That’s all I can say 🙂 Bring it on, am ready to experience it

So here you go guys, everybody knows this big guy as “Prox” developed by SemperGumbee. Prox changes the definition of a proximity sensor and accelerometer which was supposed to just rotate your screen or turn off the back light when on call. It makes your phone’s proximity sensor go an extra mile and perform things that we never imagined. Basically Prox is a gesture based service which controls quite a lot of features on your Android powered smartphone with just your hand gestures.

Prox is available in two variants: Pro (paid) and lite (free), obviously lite version having a few limitations. But to enjoy it to the fullest you should buy the paid version which costs you just around $1.

Using Prox You can launch applications, expand and contract your status bar, and even silence your phone. All of this is done by simply waving your hand close to the phone. Imagine the possibilities and the look of amazement on friends faces when you turn your screen off without ever touching a button or the screen 🙂 in short it allows you to be the next James Bond or Ethan Hunt!

Even when Prox provides you a great deal of gestures to control your device in various ways, it doesn’t defies the main reason for which these sensors are built for. While on a call, Prox will be in disabled mode and it won’t respond to any gesture you configured for Prox. Even it won’t affect accelerometer functionality.

As of now Prox Pro supports following features:

  • Expand and contract status bar
  • Emulate home button
  • Turn off screen
  • Toggle ringer mode
  • Show some text (Toast)
  • Launch an application
  • Play a tone
  • And many more to come with upcoming versions.

And Prox Lite supports only 4 out of above:

  • Emulate home button
  • Expand and contract the notification panel
  • Launch your phone dialer
  • Launch your browser.

Most of the Android based giants have declared it as:

One of Gizmodo’s essential applications for Android
Lifehacker App of the Day
Droid-Life App of the Day

Though it’s fun and intuitive but can be pain in the a[beep] to configure at first. Worry not guys! we have a video for you to have a full explanation on how to configure and use it

It’s a App and you have video already in place on configuring and using it, so am not reiterating it. But here’s a few words of caution you should be aware of – ALL PROXIMITY SENSORS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL!!! Users with a dual purpose ambient light sensor for proximity usage may have unintended bugs! So go ahead take some risk, download the lite version and see if it works on your phone. If it does, then you can go for Pro version.

Also remember, to use turn of screen feature you need to provide Prox admin permissions. I know a few might not be willing to do so, and that is perfectly alright. It won’t affect any other functionality of the App. If you prefer to enable permissions for Prox, then go to Settings and tab enable admin.

Note: Remember Apps with Admin permissions can not be uninstalled from Android devices. So please remove these permissions before uninstalling it.

Well that’s a lot of warnings and notes for a fun app, but everything comes at a cost! Anyways, unless you are following everything and have a backup of your phone (in case you need to restore it if something goes wrong) you should be enjoying it in no time.

Guys and Gals, so what are you waiting for now? Go and download this fantastic James Bond App and impress everybody.

Do let us know if you are already using any such interesting App and share your comments on this article.

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