Control your Media Player with Hand Gestures, Seriously! [NO KINNECT REQUIRED]

Shocked by the Heading? Stay shocked, because it’s true. And you read that right; No kinect required. Before I walk you through this amazing software, I would like to ask you all how many times did you experience this: You are enjoying music at loudest possible voice, pumping heartbeats and full on rockstar mood and suddenly a voice hard to hear falls on your ears: “You have a phone call”! And you just want to mute or switch off music but can’t find your media player on desktop which is hidden under multiple windows? I know I know, this happens too often.

Let’s re-imagine: How about, just the same energy in environment: loud voice, pumping heartbeats and rockstar mood and this time you hear those words – “You have a phone call” and you could just Raise your hand towards your PCs Webcam and it pauses automatically! 😮 Sounds awesome isn’t it? Think of it when your friends are also there with you and you just happen to show them this neat trick.. You suddenly become the star among them..

You are the man, all you say is not only hard to believe but also tempting, are you talking about the technology of tomorrow? Or Do I need to buy a new ultra high tech system? Tell me fast, am ready to become a real star now!

Ok ok, here we GO: Lights, Camera aaand Sound!

Uh? It’s Lights, Camera and Action, not Sound.. Maaan, don’t interrupt! We are going to control Sound, so it’s Lights, Camera aaand Sound!

Please welcome, the new awesome in town: Flutter. Flutter is a small tool that enables you to control music using your Hand Palm gesture, No rocket science just pure fun.

How do I begin?

To begin you’ll just need this:

  1. A webcam (All laptops come pre-installed with them.
  2. Windows or Mac based Computer
  3. One of the Media Player (Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes or Spotify)

Ok I have them all, let’s begin!

Navigate to and download the app.  It’s a small app weighing just 3 MB and stays in your task tray once installed. After installation is complete you are almost done!

Just launch your Media player and select a list of songs to be played. From here on Flutter takes the control so that you can enjoy music and don’t have to worry about pausing and again playing it.

This time when someone shout’s “You have a phone call”, just raise your hand palm towards your webcam, as if you are a traffic police man and want to stop the traffic. Flutter takes your command and Pause the music. Once you have attended the call you may again Raise your hand palm towards the webcam and Flutter resume playing your song! Isn’t it simple?

Recommended distance of Palm from Webcam is from 1-6 feets.

Though it’s a genius piece of work done by developer of Flutterapp, as of now the tiny app only supports Play/Pause functionality. I would like to see more of these gesture recognition coming soon our way either from the same developer or the community as a whole. It would be really a good idea to include Next/Previous track options as of now and keep on adding more later.

Personally I tested it with the videos and it works seamlessly the same way it works with Audio. Just raise your hand and done. I tested it on Windows 7 with Windows Media Player.

What do you think about this awesome and fun app, use commenting system to share your thoughts and do let us know if you know of any such innovative apps.

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