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There are a millions of people in the blogging world. Each day a new blog is hosted on the internet. Each of these websites has their own niche. Hosting a blogging websites is not a big deal (Converting it into a successful one is Tough). But making a blog out of your personal life can be a big hassle. You have to remember and create new posts and topic each and every day. As far as I can remember isn’t Facebook and Twitter some kind a place where we share our thoughts and moments with everyone. Mild (Free Version) is a social networking tool that converts your Facebook or Twitter Accounts into a blog.

The hosted blog of your facebook or twitter accounts will have a unique accessible URL, which you can share with your friends. If you’re worried about other people privacy, you don’t have to worry as it only posts your content without the name and facebook comments. You can also delete stuff from your facebook or twitter blog through the hosted blog. The content will only be deleted from your blog, not from your timeline.

facebook or twitter blog

If you visit Mild website, after signing up, you can either choose facebook or twitter to convert into a blog. Now I chose to convert my facebook into a blog, and was surprise to see that the blog will be all about you.

facebook or twitter blog

That is the content you share, the updates you give, thus showing everything about while hiding content of others in your friend list. To my surprise the name of the person on which update you commented is also not displayed. So, you don’t have to worry about your friends saying that you posted their content on your blog.

facebook or twitter blog

If you check Mild dashboard, you can configure your facebook or twitter blog settings. You can change the blog title or logo, select a different layout, change title and body font, and their sizes. You can even choose to display your account image in place of title or logo.

If you really want to go with your facebook or twitter blog, then you can pay up some money to get your blog tracked by Google, and get it indexed.

Closing Words: I personally like Mild because it provided something out of the box. Also the blog created through Mild provides privacy to your friends and relatives. Anyway as a blogger I kind of keep my profile public so, opening a blog on my facebook or twitter comments is something I’m up for and I know other bloggers will definitely want to do so.

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