Covert Windows FireWall Into No POP-UP Advanced Firewall With TinyWall

There was a time when computer users used to hate Windows Firewall because of its shortcomings. For example most of the Windows applications used to bypass Windows Firewall easily in Windows XP. Due to these shortcoming people often disliked Windows Firewall in Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Even though the built in firewall supported by Windows has improved a lot from Windows’s XP firewall. But it still has many shortcomings. Like the annoying pop-ups. Not so user friendly interface. The knowledge of ports, protocols and stuff to configure and many more other annoying issues. So most of the PC users run after other firewall applications and others really don’t care much about firewalls. You ca now improve your built-in Windows Firewall with TinyWall. TinyWall a lightweight, non-intrusive free windows firewall solution which hardens the security and controls the advanced firewall features supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7 firewalls.

Most of the firewalls work on the simple principle of user interaction where a user is asked what to do when an application tries to access internet. TinyWall tries to solve this problem a little differently. It doesn’t display any pop-ups asking user to allow. It just blocks the applications itself. You can easily whitelist or unblock applications through TinyWall, so that these applications can run without being blocked.

Why TinyWall is better and best solution for built-in Windows Firewall

After installing TinyWall which btw is only 1MB. You’ll see its icon in the system tray. Left-click or Right-click on it to see different options. Options like Change Mode, Show connections, Manage, Unblock Lan Traffic, Enable Blocklist, Whitelist by process, Whitelist by executable, and Whitelist by windows.

windows firewall

Change Mode lets you choose from different firewall modes: Normal Protection, Block All, Allow Outgoing, Disable Firewall, and Autolearn. Manage opens up the setting Window where you can add applications to the whitelist and change other settings.

convert windows firewall with tinywall

Unblock Lan Traffic unblocks all the incoming and outgoing traffic over your cable or Ethernet connection. Enable Blocklist enables port based malware blocklist. You can even enable Domain-based malware and ad blocklist from manage General tab. Whitelist by process, executable and windows let you add applications to whitelist through their executable, process name, or the current windows opened.

Other TinyWall Windows Firewall Features which may interest You

  • Automatic learning mode.
  • Firewall tampering protection.
  • Optional password lockdown of settings.
  • Normal protection, Allow outgoing, Block all, Allow all and Learning modes.
  • Support for temporary/timed firewall rules.
  • Port and domain blocklists.
  • Hosts file protection.
  • Option to always allow communication within LAN.
  • Option to restrict an application to the LAN.
  • Full IPv6 support.
  • List current connections.
  • 100% free and clean software. No fees, no ads, no payed upgrades.

Conclusion: I never really went for any other firewall solution since Windows 7 arrived. Still the annoying pop-ups really annoyed me. The task to look for ports to block incoming or outgoing connections to other systems over the network was more annoying. But with TinyWall Windows Firewall becomes a little less annoying and a little more secure.

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