Create Multi Operating Systems Bootable ISO or USB with XBoot

Keeping multiple Operating Systems on your personal computer is a good thing. It can be helpful when one of the operating fails to load up. And you want to back up your files and folders. But when you want to reinstall or update the same operating systems with another one or you just want to try out a group of operating system on your system. Then the task of checking or installing operating systems one by one is really tiresome. For a person who uses USB drive or ISO to boot operating systems, just think how you are going to install multiple operating systems with one USB drive. Wouldn’t it be easier if you can make all your operating systems boot from a single ISO or bootable USB drive.

XBoot is a powerful and easy-to-use application which can be used to create multi-bootISO orUSB from a set of bootableISO image files. The bootable ISO images can be files like Linux live CDs, Antivirus Rescue CD, Windows ISO, etc. It even lets you download supported ISO files from their respective official websites. This application provides you to either create a multi-bootISO or a multi-bootUSB. And you can add allISO image files which allow booting.

verify multi operating systems bootable iso or usb

At the first run, you’ll notice that adding ISO images to their box is simple. You just need to drag and drop bootable ISO image in the box. After dropping ISO image in the box you’ll be asked to identify, which kind of bootable image is this ISO. Choose from Linux versions, Antivirus Rescue CDs, or you can choose standard bootable disk if the name isn’t mentioned.

multi operating systems

After you’ve selected ISO images, you can choose to either create bootable ISO with Create ISO or bootable USB drive with Create USB.

As I mentioned above, you can also download ISO images with XBoot. You can choose to download ISO images by clicking on Download in the File Menu.

download multi operating systems bootable iso or usb

This application works well with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. I tested it with Windows 7 x64, where it performed flawlessly.

Closing Words: It is very difficult to find applications that allow you to create multi-boot USB or ISO. XBoot is one of the applications which came up with the idea of adding multiple bootable ISOs on a single ISO or USB. It’ simple and easy to use interface makes is easier to be used by amateur users.

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