Create presentations with google docs or google drive

Want to create presentations and got no Microsoft office install in your system or still using the very old Microsoft office 2003 for presentations and documents. And want high-end quality in your presentations. Look no further other than Google Docs. It not only helps you to create online presentations but it also helps to create documents, spreadsheets, drawing, forms, Experiment fusion and even scripts.

What’s the advantage of Using Google Docs?

  • You need no software to install in your computer
  • What you need is a web browser to use it.
  • Most of the tools of Microsoft office is available in it. So, you probably would not experience any difficultly in using it.
  • All your documents, presentations and other files are saved in your Google Drive account.
  • Option of sharing documents and files with others.
  • Any changes made in the file is automatically in google drive
  • Revision history of your files is also available in case you want to retrieve it.

Cons of Google Docs

  • Doesn’t work great in slow speed or in 2G connection

As all your files are stored in your Google Drive account you can access it from anywhere at any system in no time. What you need is just an internet connection to browse through all your files. And the most thing that you can also view your documents and presentations in your android devices. Though you can’t edit your files in most of the cheap android phones but if you have got the tablet then you can also enjoy editing in that too.

Upload files in Google Drive

One feature i liked about Google docs is that you can import your existing .doc or .ppt files in it and once it is uploaded you can work on that too.

Uploaded your docs and ppt files in google drive to edit it

Revision History

This feature I found quite interesting because it happens with us most of the times that making lots of alteration in our previous work in Microsoft Office does not give much satisfaction and we still think that the previous one better. But we have already made lots of changes in it. So, either we leave that work or use it in spite of the fact that we are not fully satisfied with it. Thanks to Google for introducing this feature in case we change our mind to use the previous one.

Previous changes made in documents

The thing that made me use Google docs was that i got no Microsoft Office in my system and I can’t download Office over my 2G speed. Whats your reason for using Google Docs? Do share with us.

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