Create your own website using HTML, CSS, PHP

Create your own website using HTML, CSS, PHP

Are you fascinated by the Cool, funky and beautiful websites of your friends or others that you find on the web? Do you want design websites like them? If your answer to the above questions is “yes” then this article is for you.

create your own website using html css php

I’m not going to teach you HTML starting from the “head tag”. There are many websites that teach you HTML. This post will just guide you on where to begin and give links to the resources available on net. If you have any problem in learning HTML you can always contact me by dropping in a comment.

What softwares do i need to learn web designing?

You don’t need any additional software to learn HTML, all you need is a browser to check the HTML pages you create and a text editor to write the code for the pages you can write the code in notepad. Even though notepad does the job for us, but I suggest you to download a good html editor that shows html tags in different colors. You can try coffee cup editor or ACE html editor, ACE is a completely free software. You can easily find them by Googling.

Best websites for learning HTML:

W3SCHOOLS is the best website to web designing, every thing is available there. First complete their tutorials on html once you are done with it go for CSS tutorials in w3 schools itself. After completing these tutorials you will get an idea of what each tag does and how to play with them to create funky web pages.When ever you find a good web page check the source of it. You can check the source by right clicking on the page and the selecting view source/page source, if you are using Mozilla you can get the code by pressing Ctr+U.

Do I need to design my website from scratch?

You need not design your website from scratch. There are many open source web designs available on net you can choose any one of them as you base design and then modify them according your needs with the knowledge you got from the HTML and CSS tutorials in W3SCHOOLS. Here are few links to sites that give you open source web templates.


If you want to create dynamic websites you need to learn some server-side scripting languages like PHP, Python. I will post about installing a web server on your computer in a few days. If you have any problems in web designing you can always drop them here, I will reply you as soon as possible.

Go ahead and create your own website using HTML, CSS, PHP.

19 thoughts on “Create your own website using HTML, CSS, PHP”

  1. hi
    i have created a web page using css and html a 3-column web page. but now i want the page to be dynamic. using php. i have been able to retrieve records from the database. but i want the page to be sectioned with the div tags in html. How do i incorporate the html div tags in the php code to make the page layout as it was in html

  2. plz suggest me a gud book for start learning the LAMP applications. I just want to make my final year project in php Mysql apache and Linux ..
    i hav googled many times but didn’t find any relevant..
    waiting for ur answer…

  3. Hi cherry
    Couldn’t get you exactly, if you are asking me to suggest the content for your site then write about something about which you are passionate. If you are planning to have a static website then knowledge of html and css is sufficient java script will add to it.
    If your primary goal is to start a website and not learning web designing then you can use blog software’s like wordpress, b2evolution, Nucleus or other content management software’s like Drupal, Geeklog, Joomla, Mambo Open Source, PHP-Nuke, phpWCMS, phpWebSite,Post-Nuke, Siteframe, TYPO3, Xoops. Check these websites for coooool website templates

    I hope I answered your question, if you need any help or if you have any further questions feel free to drop in a comment here. Wish to see your website very soon
    Good luck

  4. hi…i want to make website .I know html,jacvascript,css.Plz give me some ideas on which i can make website using these will be great help

  5. hi nishi
    These days you may not be able to find pages completely written in html.It’s difficult to get a gud look only by using html. I suggest you to read the CSS tutorials in W3schools
    Its very easy, when i say read i don’t mean that you should mug all those syntax’s. Just go thorough the css tutorial once it takes less than 2 hours.You should just have an idea of what each syntax does. Files with .css extension are the style sheets and the ones with .htm or .html extension are our web pages, to see their code right click on them and select open with notepad or ace html editor(if you installed it)

  6. actually after searching i got the codes but all those are in which format i don’t know may be in css i know only html can u find one design which has only html codes……..

  7. hi may be i m asking very silly question to you actually i want to learn web designing i saw those links designs were great but can’t we get codes behind those templates so that for starter like me it get some idea… to make those templates…….

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