Creating a Poker Tips Site: Why WordPress is Key

Creating a Poker Tips Site: Why WordPress is Key

For serious poker fans, the fun doesn’t end at the culmination of a session. It doesn’t end when players peel away from the poker table, or laptops are shut down, or mobiles shoved in back pockets. Serious poker fans enjoy constant learning, reading around the topic, and discussing strategy in online communities. If this rings true to you, you might also be aware that the point comes when you feel the need to share knowledge, and tips of your own, in order to make the poker community a more informed one.

One of the best ways of sharing knowledge online, on any topic, but especially on niche topics like poker tips, is to create and develop your own content-based website. There are obviously various platforms on the market suitable for this purpose, but few are better than WordPress.

How can you strike the right balance, though, between creating an informative, valuable poker tips website on WordPress, whilst not coming across as lecturing people when it comes to encouraging a love of learning online? Thankfully, WordPress offers a range of plug-ins and default features to make sure you can turn your passion for poker knowledge into a successful website that others will want to visit time and again.

Tone and Pitch: Getting it Right

WordPress offers different themes to make sure your site looks good; you  can make it as snazzy or as modest in appearance as you like. However, it isn’t going to do the writing for you! With this in mind, make sure you understand what sort of tone you’re aiming for whenever you start writing a new poker tips piece on your blog. Information should be easy to digest, especially complex information, and kept interesting at all times for your readers.

Although a big brand with money behind them that can be invested into usable, effective websites, 888poker provide an excellent example of exactly this. 888poker created a series of guides that focus on teaching poker players how to play poker in a more effective way. The guides are aimed to be accessible to new players but also strike the perfect tone so as not to be patronising to those who have some experience in the game.

Bear 888poker’s example in mind when you start tapping your keyboard: you can use all the gizmos and tools that WordPress has to offer, but your site won’t be considered an authority if you don’t decide who you are going to pitch your guide at and how to do it.

Keep it Visual: Images, GIFs and YouTube!

Depending on whether you have a or a site you will have different options as to the type of packages you can choose from to help you set up your site. Whatever you choose, make sure you have enough storage for images, GIFs and YouTube videos, all of which help to break up written information and increase engagement with readers. The use of videos in particular to promote learning has already proven to be highly successful, with YouTube channels like Veritasium getting huge numbers of hits.

Use Engagement Options to Boost Debate

Of course all sites, whether they’re there for learning or otherwise, want traffic. One way to help encourage traffic as well as foster debate about what you’re saying is to promote engagement on-site. A quick way of doing this is to connect your site with Twitter widgets (the ones are here), which will ensure your readers can connect with you by giving feedback on your Twitter page.

If you open up engagement on social media and not just in a comments section on your posts, then don’t forget that you need to make sure you optimise your site for mobile platforms.

Finally, of course, the most important thing of all is that you enjoy what you are trying to teach on your site! Poker is one of those activities that you can never read too much about. Opportunities for continued learning are everywhere, but you can make your mark by giving something back to this most dedicated of communities by setting up your own WordPress poker tips site in 2017.

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