Creating Professional Videos with PowerPoint

Did you know that PowerPoint allows you to easily create professional videos? It is actually quite simple. The basic blueprint is to  create a presentation with animation and transitions and then save it in video format.

You couldn’t expect eye blinding visual effects but it is way better than Windows Movie Maker and might be handy in creating simple videos, photo slideshows e.t.c

Animating your Slides

To animate the elements on your slide, just select an element (Picture, text or a placeholder) and click on the ‘Animations’ tab. From the sub-menu choose ‘Animation Styles’

You can access a multitude of hundreds of animation presets.

You can also design your own transitions by combining different animation presets and configuring the speed, trigger and direction of the animation

Adding Audio to the Presentation

You can add multiple audio/music files to your presentation and jazz it up.

  • Click on the  ‘Insert’ Tab
  • Choose ‘Audio’ button with a little microphone icon featured on it. Click on ‘Select Audio from File’
  • Browse though your hard drive and locate the audio file you wish to add

Once you add audio to the presentation, you can configure the trigger (condition to start playing the audio)

Export Presentation into Video

  • If you are using PowerPoint 2010 or later version, you can directly export the video without any external plugin. However, PowerPoint 2013 offers extended support to various formats like .MP4
  • Click on ‘File’ tab, Choose ‘export’, Click on ‘Export to Video’ from the list
  • Choose the quality, size of the video and the format (.WMV or .MP4)  and Click ‘OK’

However, PowerPoint 2010 doesn’t include original audio in the exported video, the 2013 version doesn’t have this problem. If you are using an older version, you cannot export video directly and need to use external tools like video converters or screen casting.

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