CyanogenMod : 10 Secret Tricks for Android Custom ROM

CyanogenMod : 10 Secret Tricks for Android Custom ROM

The CyanogenMod has now been the most popular custom ROM for Android. The short lovingly “CM” baptized Android version is available for many devices, it extends the functional part considerably over the standard Android. Some of the cool features that make the CyanogenMod, but still some of them are hidden. For this reason, we shared top 10 first sight features of latest CMVersion – CyanogenMod.



Trick 1: Quick Settings in the Notification Bar

Who has a Samsung or LG device knows definitely appreciate the quick setting buttons with which you can activate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and other functions quickly and disable. CyanogenMod officially has this “power control” and previous buttons, but also offers even more: you can set for yourself which of the buttons are displayed. You can activate the Quick Setting by:

UI Settings ? ? ? energy control in the notification area to display, buttons

Who digs through the settings found, other features for customizing such as color indicators. There you can also customize the order of the buttons, make the shortcut icons, scroll-bar and much more to appear on home-screen.


Trick 2: Call settings faster

This trick is equal to the previous trick. If you press and hold a button in the quick menu bar, you call the appropriate page in the system settings. Sounds complicated ? An example: You would like to dial in a new WLAN. Simply hold the WLAN-Enable/Disable – Press Button in the notification bar, one is already in the WLAN settings. Select WLAN, enter the WEP Key, finished !


Trick 3: Select Songs by Volume Keys

If you use the regular music app of CyanogenMod or the Google Music APK, you can skip back or switch tracks easily. To do so, simply press the volume up or down button longer. This works even when the screen is off, so comfortably from your pants pocket.


Trick 4: Setting the Display Brightness Quickly

The display is the biggest battery eater in the smartphone. Accordingly, it makes sense that the screen is not consistently set as bright as possible. Who is not automatic brightness adjustment via sensor like, you can change these settings via ? display a user-defined value. CM7 has Copied from Samsung’s Galaxy S series, however, a faster method. Under

CyanogenMod Settings ? ? ? Status line interface ? status bar brightness adjustment

you can enable an option, thanks to the brightness of the screen can be changed quickly. Henceforth have to remain only briefly with his finger on the status bar and can then swipe left or right to activate the desired brightness. The whole thing works, but not quite as smooth as with Samsung, slightly difficult, but it is still a welcome option for light sensor muffle like me.


Trick 5: Sleep

Everybody knows it: Just one of the evening slips away into dreamland, the smartphone suddenly roars on the bedside table and nullifies the sleep: A mail, probably some updates has arrived – well, great. Thankfully, you can teach CM7 to deliver at certain times no notifications. This option can be found at

CyanogenMod Settings ? ? ? sounds Quiet hours

Bonus for owners of phones with notification LED such as the Nexus One: Their lighting can also be turned off.


Trick 6: notification bar down

More of a gimmick for people who like to have their phone “different”, so the punks among Android users: You can also move the notification bar at the bottom of the screen and then pull up on demand. The sets

CyanogenMod Settings ? ? ? Tweaks Tablets status line

Whether that brings tangible benefits, whether to be seen. Says it’s us.

You can set the default lock-screen from CM7 so that there is not only the options to unlock the screen and off-sound display. Additionally, one can still define a single app that can also start by pulling down the ring. I’ve drawn there, the camera app, since I most likely may even need spontaneously without me dig through menus and home-screens want. Here’s how:

CyanogenMod Settings ? ? ? activate lock-screen appearance ? Self-starter app, then in the same sub-menu define a “Linked Application”, in my case, just the camera.

The option does not work with any that came with CM7 Lock-screens. Here is the motto: Try it.

Trick 8: CRT OFF effect on switch

The Nexus S from known and popular effect when turning the smartphone displays of CRT monitors simulates the popular “Out-fading” is available for CM7 users. When switching on the display the image fades therefore a proper style. Very pretty to look at! You can activate it under

Animate display settings ? ? switch

Trick 9: Create Quick Screenshots

CyanogenMod  has added one more useful feature to create quick and easy screenshots in its latest version. This works by simply pressing and holding the power button on your smartphone and select the “Capture” option. Two tips regarding this:

  1. The screenshot is created only 1 to 2 seconds after the triggering of the screenshot function – in this way you have enough time to navigate to the function you want to photograph.
  2. In connection with the instant upload feature of Google+ the screenshots are immediately uploaded to your own Picasa account. Practically, if you write articles about Android – it saves some steps.

Trick 10: Apps stop faster

Many apps can not quit right after starting. CM7, however, offers an option that allows you apps to “shoot” in the best Windows Task Manager-style can very easily. One must only press and hold on the “back” button on your smartphone and the currently active application is terminated forthwith. The fact that not all applications possibly have a cached data. The option to quickly quit apps can be found at

Settings ? ? ? Development Applications quit app

Other tricks? Bring it on!

Although some might trick you knew already, we hope you but to a trick or two could you pull out our little list. Have we missed your favorite CM7 feature? Tell us about it – in the comments.


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  1. hey ^^ ,im on cm 10 too..just try this .. settings>>system>>power menu>>tick screenshot.hopefully u have it too…cheers.

  2. No screenshot option when holding down the power button for me. Strange. Galaxy S2 Skyrocket running Cyanogen Mod 10.0

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