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Since the launch of Android, it has become the most productive and most modified operating system ever built on Linux. Android’s open source power makes it the best selection for customization among the developers.

All the companies no matter Samsung, HTC, Sony, Micromax, Karbonn etc are using the Android version, developed and managed by Google Inc. Apart from Google there any many firms, companies and big brands who are using the Android but not in association with the key developer Google.

As mentioned above Android is based on an open source license and it gives the freedom of modification to the developers. Manufacturers like Amazon and Nokia are the two most recognized companies who are using the forked version of Android. Well, what’s forked now?

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Forked version of Android is basically the developed version or modified version of the stock Android which is being operated without any third-party services like Google services. 

Apart from forked version of Android there is one most talked, popular and downloaded modified version too. An organization named Cyanogenmod is the developer of custom ROM or modified version of Android. The development of the modified version of Android by started long back and the present and latest version they posses  is Cyanogenmod 11s. 

cyanogenmod wiki by the geek daily

Why Cyanogenmod? 

You might be thinking why one should select Cyanogenmod instead of original version of Android provided by the manufacturer? Well, there are many reasons as to why one should get Cyanogemod on his Android device for better performance, light weight, responsive, better usage power, better options and much more.

What are the basic requirements for installing Cyanogenmod? 

The installation of the Cyanogenmod is very easy and quite simple. If you are thinking that the process requires some rocket science then today I am going to break this myth of yours. The basic requirements for Cyanogenmod are:

  •  Rooted device.
  • Availability of the ROM for particular device (It’s not available for all devices but somehow you can get it).
  • Little efforts.

What if Cyanogenmod is not available for your device? 

Well, this is the most common questions most of the people ask me when they are searching here and there for the Cyanogemod version of their Android device.  Cyanogenmod is not available for all devices but the list of its availability is not too short. It covers almost all the devices from Samsung, Sony, HTC, and some other manufacturers.

cyanogenmod by the geek daily

Still in case if you don’t get the Cyanogenmod for your device you can request it or get it from XDA developers. XDA is the world’s largest Android development forum and help center. Their developers are so skilled that they have even developed their own custom OS or ROMs based on Cyanogenmod and makes the ROM available free of cost at XDA’s forum.

What Cyanogenmod is planning for non-rooted users? 

Recently, news broke out that Cyanogen is planning to launch their very own application for non-rooted Android users via Play store that will enable them to make a number of changes that a rooted user enjoys with the Cyanogenmod.

Yes, the organization has made the confirmation and the application will be soon launched for millions of downloads across the world. The information available indicates that the new application will enable the user to make s number of changes in the interface including the fonts change, icons change, boot animation change and much more.

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