cyanogenmod vs stock rom

cyanogenmod vs stock rom

Android has always been the most flexible operating system ever build on Linux for smartphones. However, basically Android is an Open Source License distribution program. Many mobile manufacturers develop their own skins and UI as per their own convenience for their Android Smartphones. 

However, not always these companies are able to provide what basically a user wants. If you are a regular Android user then you must have noticed that no matter how much costly a device is, you get lags in between. Have you ever thought, what could be the reason behind it? Well, these companies make a number of modifications in the UI and interface to enhance the user’s experience, so this enables Android to change from its original image to a created or developed one!

Well, these companies are on one side while another Android development forum is on the other. Cyanogen is an Android development community which builds its own Android ROM called Cyanogenmod which is available for almost all Android devices out there.

Cyanogenmod is again based on Open source license of Android. In this ROM, the developers’ main focus is to enhance the performance of the ROM apart from the UI . The firm has been successful in developing the Cyanogenmod for almost all the Android devices available in the market.

Not only this, but they have also developed automatic Cyanogenmod installer for limited devices at present which performs the installation task automatically, but if your device is not supported then you need to perform the installation task manually.

cyanogenmod vs stock rom

There are many positive effects of installing Cyanogenmod rather than stock ROM. Firstly, if you have vague knowledge about it then make it very clear that custom ROM or Cyanogenmod can only be installed on rooted devices. You must have root access to your device. Don’t worry rooting is very easy and you can find many videos and tutorials online for your device. I can’t add the rooting process here because every phone comes with its own rooting process.

Points where Cyanogenmod takes over Stock ROM.

 #1 Super light!

Well, if we look at the space occupied by the stock ROM and then compare it with the space occupied by Cyanogemod, you will find a difference of about 60%. Cyanogenmod is the lightest ROM available till now because it doesn’t come with any Google Apps or Google services, so you need to install them additionally while installing the ROM!

#2 Super cool apps!

Installing Cyanogenmod means rooting the device and rooting the device means getting root access to install super cool applications like screen recorders, applications hibernating, high battery backup, un-installing useless apps, high quality backups, and much more!

If you get root access, you can do anything with your Android device and that’s why companies add root locks to avoid misuse of such capabilities of the Android OS.

 #3 Customization.

Customization is one of the highly used reason for the installation of the Cyanogenmod. Installing Cyanogenmod gives you the ability to apply thousands of CM11 Themes available on Play store as well as on internet. Developers at XDA provides high quality themes for CM11 ,so that you can enjoy new interface every day!

#4 Performance enhancements

Cyanogenmod comes with the inbuilt Performance Enhancement feature that helps the user to increase or decrease the processor at which it is clocked. The option also brings a lot of advance options for graphics and RAMS management on the device.

These options are to be used by experts only, because any wrong alteration can lead to disorder of the device.

#5 Latest OS upgrades.

Developers always build the new CM on the latest OS available by Android like at present its Android Kitkat and the present Cyanogenmod 11 is based on Android 4.4 Kitkat. Some devices like Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos are not going to have updates with Android Kitkat in the future but still the users can install CM11 for Kitkat experience.

So, these were the basic points of difference. Hope that your mind must have changed regarding the rooting of a device and installation of custom ROM like Cyanogenmod. Give it a try, it’s very easy.

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