DAD of Networks: CISCO

Till now I have written 9 articles and this one is the 10th one in the Learn Networking Series.  All my articles were completely based on networks. I have personally done CCNA hence is say that Cisco is the dad of the networks. The entire damn networking starts from there and ends there.  If you have ever seen huge routers and switches of a very high series and consume corers of bugs, just consider that they are Cisco products.  The company has come up with a new module in them, that is…

Cisco Networking Academy

This is an academy which delivers information and communication techniques (ICT) to improve carrier and economic opportunities around the world.


The above shown pic is of unified WAN services. The devices placed here are of very high range and costs. Right from 6500 to 7600. The latest device hwy have developed is considered as one of the most trustworthy and full of different services like scalable personalized IP , network edge, improve operational efficiency, and maximize return on network investments.


This service is known as a small office routers. This series is an award-winning series in small business. It has the following features

  • Built-in security, including content filtering
  • Cisco Configuration Professional for simplified management
  • WAN connection with multiple access options
  • Cisco Unified Wireless Management Solution.
  • Business continuity for both data and voice.

These key features has made them win an award.


Their next category is of the next generation IP network.  This series is industries only router which offers continuous system operation , unprecedented service flexibility, and system longevity.

  • Supports a long length IP range transponder with flexible 10gbps and 40gbps options that extends up to 2000 km without regeneration.
  • Supports standalone configurations of 320-gbps, 640-gbps, and 1.2-Tbps systems enabling 40gbps per slot capacity in all form factors

The entire networking is done here in CISCO. So, I call it as DAD of networks.

This article is a part of a unique series to know about networking and building your own network at home. Check all posts in Learn Networking Series.

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