Deep Look into Top 8 New Features of Windows 10

You might have already heard about Windows 10. If not, Microsoft has announced Windows 10 on September 30 and launched the technical Preview version on October 1. You can download the Windows 10 Technical Preview at free of cost from the official Windows website.

In this article, I am going to introduce  you to some awesome features of Windows 10 that you may like. Although, numerous websites leaked some features earlier but not all of them are included in this preview version of Windows 10. Anyway, let’s take a look.

Top 8 New Features and Improvements of Windows 10

Start Menu

Windows 10 Start Menu

The Start Menu looks really great. This is actuall three-in-one start menu. Windows 7 users have seen how useful the Start Menu was. However, I would say that Windows 10’s Start Menu is more productive than that. You will get three different features in this Start Menu. The first thing you will get is your Library Folders i.e. Documents, Pictures etc. The next part is Recently Opened Apps. The last thing is Live Tile. This is the most attractive part of this new Start Menu. You can also access those live tiles to read news or chack email etc.

Search in Taskbar

Windows 10 Search Menu

This is second new feature in Windows 10. This Search button can search offline as well as online [if you have internet connection]. Suppose, you have made a search for “Notepad” or “Paint”. As both of them are already in your PC, this search menu won’t go online. This will automatically open “Notepad” or “Paint”. If you have made a search that is not in your PC, it will open Bing search and let you do further browsing.

Metro Screen

Windows 10 Metro Screen

You know that Windows 8.1 has Start Menu as well as Metro Screen. Although that particular Start Menu is useless but Metro Screen was much useful. However, in Windows 10, you will get both alternatively. You can use either Start Menu or Metro Screen. The Metro Screen looks something like the Windows 8.1 Update 1. You will get Search button, Power button and organized app screen.

To switch from Start Menu to Metro Screen, right click on the Taskbar and click on Properties. Then go to Start Menu tab and un-tick Use the Start Menu instead of Start screen.

Enable Start Screen in Windows 10

Now, you may have to re-sign in to get the change.

Virtual Desktop

This is yet another useful feature of Windows 10. You will get an extra button in the Taskbar. Just click on that select Add a Desktop.

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop

That’s all! In this way, you can more than one virtual desktop. The most beautiful thing is you will be switched from Desktop 1 to Desktop 2 if you click on any app that is opened in Desktop 2.


Windows 10 Home

In the left navigation bar of Windows Explorer, you will get a Home button. This Home button is quite useful for them, who open aparticular app frequently. Home button will let you open your Favorites folders, Frequently Opened folders and Recently Opened files.

Windowed Metro App

Windowed Metro Apps

If you have ever tried to resize the Metro based app windows in Windows 8 or 8.1, you were failed. But, in Windows 10, all metro based apps are opening in resizable window by default. You will get Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons on every Metro app window.

Command Prompt

Windows 10 Command Prompt

Although Command Prompt is not a new feature but it gets a lot of improvements in Windows 10. Now, you can use Ctrl + V to paste anything. If you have previously faced any problem to resize Command Prompt, Windows 10 will solve your problem. Also, you will get some new experimental options i.e. Enable Ctrl key functions, wrap text output on resize and more others. To get these features, right click on the Command Prompt header and go to Properties.

Snap Enhancement

Windows 10 Snap Enhancement

Now you can work on four different windows from a single screen. Windows 10 has come with a great Snap enhancement.

Final Word

Windows 10 has some other improvements in performance and user interface. You will get a little change in icon as well. Hope Windows 10 can do better in personal computer world.

What do you like most in Windows 10?

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