Android buttons, why you no shut up?
Android buttons, why you no shut up?
Every f*** time I’m about make a high score !!

Most of the Android phones have feather touch buttons which are really annoying sometimes, especially when you are playing games. Most games we play are in landscape mode and the chances of getting home button mistakenly touched are high. I’m a gamer and I love playing games on my Android phone but most of the time my hand mistakenly touches one of the goddamn keys and it takes me to the home screen. However, this doesn’t call quits to the game because nowadays smartphones have background multitasking which makes the app run in background. But this is still annoying, I mean who wants this type of disturbance in during game play?

android phone buttons

I was getting irritated day by day, so I started searching on Google for some ways which can help me deal with this problem. During my research, I came across an app named ‘ButtonRemapper’. Well, at my first glance this wasn’t the thing I was looking for but I thought of giving it a try.

What is ButtonRemapper?

ButtonRemapper, is an app which can re-map the standard android buttons to whatever you want. I mean the Home, Back, Search and Menu buttons. With this app you can either disable those buttons or re-map them to your favorite functions, for example if you don’t use search button, then you can replace search with camera or call or media play/pause etc. Now ,by pressing search button, it will launch whatever app you want. Isn’t it great?

With ButtonRemapper you can also re-map the volume keys, power key or receive-end call keys etc. You can now customize the keys the way you want.

App Compatibility

This app is supported by mostly all android devices, so phone is not a problem. But I still recommend reading the compatible device list in the download page for confirmation. A bad news for people without rooted device, yes this app requires root and will only work on rooted phones. The action of remapping buttons is only possible if the app has root access.

buttonremapper app

Where to Download?

You can download ButtonRemapper from the XDA Developers official thread. This is the best way to download this app because you can get updated apk and bug fixes. So, to visit the official ButtonRemapper thread click here.

How to Disable Android Phone Buttons for Gaming with ButtonRemapper

This app is very easy to use, just install it and follow the below given steps to disable the Home key. You can use this app and disable keys before beginning the game and then re-enable them after you’re done with the game.

Step 1: Open App

Step 2: Choose the key you want to disable. Tap on it.

Step 3: Now the app will present two options, the first one is Action and the second one is State.

Step 4: By tapping on Action drop down menu, you can change the action of the key (You can make power key as camera key) and by state key, you can either enable or disable key.

Step 5: Assuming that you want to disable Home key > Leave the Action option as it is and go to State option. Select None in state option and it will get disabled.

To re-enable the key, do the same thing. Just change state from None to Wake.

So, as you saw that it wasn’t a difficult task you can now disable keys and you’ll have no problems while playing games.You can easily enable the keys back when you’re finished gaming. So I hope this was helpful, leave your comments below if you have any doubts.

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