Download and Install Ubuntu 12.10 Inside Windows

Download and Install Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu 12.10 was launched yesterday and people are already downloading/upgrading their versions. There are two ways of upgrading to the newer version. One by upgrading automatically on an existing installation and the second one is by downloading the DVD (No more CD) Image and then installing it manually.

But after Ubuntu 11.10 the option to install Ubuntu inside windows was removed. But definitely, there is a way to bypass the block and install Ubuntu 12.10 inside Windows. We will talk about this in sometime but lets find out some ways to download Ubuntu.

Download Ubuntu

Ubuntu comes as a DVD Image and can be downloaded directly via their FTP server or by Torrent. 

  • Go to
  • We are doing this for Desktop, so click on Desktop.
  • Now download the 32 bit or 64 bit as per requirement. This will download the ISO image directly from the FTP servers.
  • For alternative options, or torrent scroll a little bit down and you will see the below shown text.
  • UbuntuScroll down to the BitTorrent section and download the relevant torrent.
  • Open the torrent via your favorite BitTorrent manager.

I will recommend the BitTorrent method as it is faster and you can download your torrents within a short span of time.

Install Inside Windows

So now that you have successfully downloaded Ubuntu 12.10 I will tell you how you can easily Install Ubuntu 12.10 Inside Windows.

There is no need to burn a separate DVD. You can just download Daemon Tools and mount the DVD Image. Daemon Tools will make a virtual BD ROM on your computer and will be used to mount CD/DVD/BD images via Daemon Tools.

Download Daemon Tools.

After installing Daemon tools the DVD Image will look like this:

  • Ubuntu 12.10Double click on that image file and it will be mounted via Daemon Tools automatically. You will see an Autoplay dialogue popping up.
  • If you choose Run Wubi.exe in that dialogue you will see the next window like this:
Ubuntu 12.10
  • You can clearly see that there is no option to Install Ubuntu 12.10 Inside Windows right now. But we will definitely bypass this.
  • Close the window and press the Windows button+R. Type cmd and press Enter.
  • Command Prompt will open up. Now follow all the steps carefully.
  • Type in the drive letter for the drive where your DVD Image for Ubuntu is mounted and press Enter. For me it is K: 
  • Now here comes the main part. Type in:
wubi.exe –force-wubi
This will now open up a new wizard window and this time you will find an option to Install Ubuntu 12.10 Inside Windows.
Ubuntu 12.10
Now the next steps are simple. Follow the wizard properly and enter what is being asked and install. By this process you will successfully Install Ubuntu 12.10 Inside Windows.
For any other query related to this post you can use the comments section below.
Take a tour of Ubuntu 12.10 here

15 Replies to “Download and Install Ubuntu 12.10 Inside Windows”

  1. I followed the steps…but I just can’t find the “install inside windows” option. instead it is giving the same options windows without “install inside windows” option..

  2. thanks for the post very helpful…but i am unable to see the wubi.exe when i type the following command in CMD(which you showed above)…i don’t no whats wrong can you help me on that please..

  3. Hey, I’m trying to install ubuntu 12.10 inside windows for the first time.. I followed the steps that u’ve mentioned, but when I key in the wubi.exe–force-wubi command, it shows the unrecognized command error. Pls help.

    1. Please follow the steps properly. I have already attached a screenshot which proves that it works so maybe you are doing something wrong or maybe you are skipping something.

    1. agreed..mine is x64 Win and I can’t see the window of wubi.exe opening, though the UAC Control asks for Admin privilege and I chose ‘Yes’.
      P.S.: for those who are facing problem in entering the command, copy the text below:
      wubi.exe -force-wubi

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