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Android devices are amazing and the fact the 85% of smartphone market share is acquired by Android speaks for its popularity. You can do most of the things using variety of applications on your device but one of the most annoying things about Android is its battery life. A lot of applications keep on running in the background constantly sapping life out of your battery. So at a time like this you need a battery saving application and the best out there is DU Battery Saver app.

Android OS always comes with a lot of battery hogging applications that run in the background sucking on your battery life. You can manually force stop them by going in the application manager but that will take a long time and you will have to do it every now and then. Apart from that, most of the devices use launcher apps as well so that’s another problem.

But what if you could close all the applications with just a single tap and optimize your smartphone to save a lot of battery life? That’s where DU Battery Saver app for Android comes in to action. With a single tap, you can save hours of battery life.

du battery saver android app

Features of DU Battery Saver App for Android:

The one most amazing thing about DU Battery Saver is its healthy charging feature. It tells you how to charge your battery to get the optimum performance from it. Always charge your battery fully and don’t do it for shorter intervals otherwise it will harm your battery.

To save your battery life, you need to download the application from Google Play Store. Once it is installed, you don’t need to do anything at all as it will be configured automatically.

As soon as the application is installed, you will see a battery icon on your phone’s system tray. When you open the system tray, you will see the app’s data showing your battery’s life, the temperature and also how much time is left before your phone shuts down.

du battery saver app for androiddu battery saver app for android

When you launch the app, you will see a screen just like above. There are 5 different tabs at the bottom of the screen – Battery, Saver, Toolbox, Charge and Monitor.

In the Battery tab, you will your battery percentage, the time left, the temperature and the voltage and the current capacity of your battery.

du battery saver app optimize

Other than that, you will see a chart showing your battery level over the interval of time. On the screen you will see an Optimize button and when you tap on it, it will scan and close all the running applications and asks you if you want to turn the sync off or not.

du battery saver app for android du battery saver app for android

In the next tab, i.e the Saver tab, you will see various pre-set modes that you can select depending on your battery’s current status to save battery life. A Smart mode is also available where you can buy the Pro version of DU Battery Saver app and even buy various different features using the coins in your account.

In the Toolbox tab, you will be able to earn more coins by downloading various free applications. You can download these free apps on your device and then use these coins to unlock more features.

Under the Charge tab, it will show you various different ways to charge your battery like Fast Charge, Full Charge and Trickle Charge. To take advantage of this, you need to plug in your phone in the charger socket when your battery is below 20% and once your phone is plugged in, launch DU Battery Saver app.

du battery saver app

Your phone will be in Fast Charge mode until your battery life reaches 80% and then it will enter the Full Charge mode. In this mode, your phone will get fully charged i.e 100% charged. But don’t unplug your phone as now it will enter in the third stage which is Trickle Charge. Your battery still needs a little charging to make up for the self discharge. This will take around 10-15 minutes at most.

And finally there is Monitor tab where you can see all the applications currently running on your device which you can stop manually. However I would recommend you not to do it from here because you might stop some apps that might cause problem. So don’t do it manually and use the Optimize button.

DU Battery Saver Widgets: 

There are 4 different widgets available – one which shows you battery life; second one that gives you shortcuts to access WiFi, change profiles and access various modes; third one allows all the shortcuts to your smartphone just like the system tray and the fourth one is the most important one which is the Optimize button. One tap and your phone will be optimized.

Download DU Battery Saver App for Android

The application is absolutely free to download from Google Play Store. There is a Pro Version available as well which you can get for $2.99 or 1900 coin credits.

Performance Tip: Along with DU Battery Saver app, you can download DU Speed Booster as well. When you uninstall a certain application from your device, there are still some files left behind that takes up your storage. With DU Speed Booster, you can delete all these files and improve the speed and performance of your device.

Download: DU Battery Saver app | DU Speed Booster app

I hope you loved the article and I would really like to know your thoughts about the app. Do share your views with us via the comments section below!

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