Recovering lost pictures, documents, emails, videos and any other important files can be quite a difficult task. There are a lot of programs out there that promise to help you recover deleted files from many different storage medias. Some of them are easy to use, others are extremely effective and inexpensive and others are a bit overrated. A software that really deserves your attention in data recovery is called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

The software exists in a free version, which allows up to 2 gigabytes of recovered data and the Pro version with unlimited data recovery. This data recovery software allows you to easily recover lost data from a wide range of storage medias, like USB drives, SDD’s, HDD’s, Flash memory cards. It has also, a straightforward and user-friendly interface that ensures an efficient and smooth environment even for the most novice user.

This recovery software is going to help you recover your data after an accidental deletion or due to a hard disc’s breakdown or even a damaged pc due to a virus. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can detect over 200 different file types of videos, music, photos, documents and easily recover data from a desktop or laptop’s hard drive or even an external hard drive, flash memory cards or a mobile device. It is also, applicable to digital cameras, ipods and raid systems.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.6

The first thing you need to do is download and install the software to your computer. Once installed, plug in the store’s media that has data to recover, unless you scan the computer’s hard drive that is already connected. Open the software and you will be transferred to the main screen of the program where you will see the drive that is currently connected to the PC.

If you want to upgrade to the Pro version you can either click the orange box with the key or click the upgrade now option in the upper right corner of the screen. Whichever version of the software you choose to have, you should follow the steps mentioned below to easily recover your lost files. First of all, select the drive you had your data in, press the scan button and the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will perform 2 serial scans. The time for each scan depends on the amount of lost data and it will be displayed on the screen. You will then, have to choose the files you want to recover by clicking on them or you can save the scan results to review them later.

The thing that makes this data recovery software stand out among similar programs is its simplicity. Even if you are a newbie in the computer market or you possess only some basic knowledge of how a PC works, you will never get confused when it is time for you to use the EaseUS Recovery Wizard. You don’t need to read any instructions before downloading the software, since all the necessary info will be displayed on your screen when you first launch the application.

Another important characteristic of this software is the fact that it is really quick and efficient. The scanning can take only a few minutes, and you can choose to pause it anytime, should you find the file you specifically want recovered. It also, gives users the option of previewing the files before using them. So, you can first open a file, for example a picture or a video before you choose to restore it to your computer.

A key advantage of this program over other similar options is its ability to provide secure recovery. That being said, you will not have to worry that the software may damage other files during the processes of scanning or recovering. It can also, recover files that are protected with a password.

Whether you want to recover your favorite photos that were accidentally deleted or your needed documents which were affected by a virus or were damaged due to an unknown cause, the EaseUS Recovery Wizard is there for you. You just have to download the app for free, and let the software do its job efficiently. If you want some extra features, like higher speed and larger amount of data recovered you can always opt for the Pro version of the software.

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