Easy to do exercises for Bloggers

Easy to do exercises for Bloggers

As known to all people who are associated with the world of internet, blogging is one of the most important parts of this virtual world. And every blogger that steps into the world of blogging gets linked to this superb dimension in a very important manner. A blogger has the knowledge of relating and keeping up his/her blog at the top rank, it is equally important for him/her to understand the fact that he/she should take care of himself/herself and their health in order to keep working at every hour of the day.


Easy to do exercises for Bloggers


So for all those bloggers who work day in and day out trying to get themselves recognized in the world of blogging here is an article for you to keep you going on by trying out just a few minor exercises for bloggers which you can even do while you work.

Yes! These are even some minor exercises which can be carried out “while you are working”. 

Easy to do exercises for Bloggers

Fidgeting will be good for once

Yes that’s all you got to do, fidget. Researchers say that you lose 200 calories sitting in front of the computer. All by just shaking and fidgeting in your seat itself you can lose guaranteed 200 calories per day. Just keep a continuous movement in your body by shaking your legs, moving your hips and occasionally rotating your hands. In this manner the stiffness in the joints can be avoided which is the main cause for the pain in the body. So a bit movement won’t do any harm but will turn out useful for you bloggers.

Music, a blogger’s best friend

That’s right, just like it’s been said that music is a soul soothing entity, and now even the bloggers won’t deny this fact. Putting on music while you are working will give you the best results in your health. Just put on the music on your computer and start moving with the rhythm of the music. This will keep up your movements in the body which in turn will keep your joints moving and avoid the stiffness caused onto them. As a result the exercise session while working will be accomplished keeping you active and healthy.

Morning Workout

Having a morning walk is one of the best exercises you can do. Go to your nearest park or garden and enjoy walking for at least 30 minutes while enjoying the beauty of the nature. 30 Minutes morning walk won’t just help you to be healthy; it will refresh your mind and body which will motivate you to work efficiently whole throughout the day.

Also, if possible, you can even do jogging or cycling during morning time which will help you to more fit and productive. Morning exercises are always helpful.

Time utilization in the correct manner

Don’t have time for the morning workout nor for the workout in the evening? Well not to worry, here is a solution. As a blogger you are sure to do loads of uploading as well as downloading. Utilize the time consumed in this uploading and downloading for your simple exercise. Each time you upload or download a file, stand up for a few seconds and perform squats, sit ups, lunges or jump on the spot.

Take an example. If your download/upload takes up the time span of around 30 minutes then take out 10 minutes to stand up, walk around, twist your body or flex it to open and get ready for the next session of your blogging.

Along with exercises, bloggers should also take proper of their diet and consider healthy eating habits into their diet. These minor exercises for bloggers can even result to weight loss gradually if you work out on a daily basis. It’s recommended to join your nearest fitness center or gym if you’re facing serious weight problems. Even weight loss programs like Bistro MD and Diet to Go can be helpful for bloggers.

With these simple tips and exercises for bloggers, all the bloggers can avoid serious problems like obesity, body pain and lack in health measures. So with a conclusion of this article we would like to say to all bloggers. Finally, keep up the good health and keep up the good blog. Cheers!

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