Eco-Friendly Gadgets – For a better Tomorrow!

We all know that Global Warming is slowly degrading the life on Earth and is a serious threat to mankind if not taken care of.  We have to do a lot about it. But then the question comes, what can we individuals do? We don’t have power to do anything in a larger scale, so what can we do? Well we can buy “Eco-Friendly Gadgets – For a better Tomorrow!”

So here I present a list of some of the best Eco-Friendly Gadgets which might help you to contribute towards the health of Mother Earth.

Crosskase Solar 15 Backpack

So you are in this camp, in some weird place. No sign of civilization and no electricity. But the thing is that you love gadgets a lot, what can you do? Well we have something for you. Why not carry a Backpack which can charge your Laptop, Tablets, Cellphones and all other gadgets! This is basically a backpack with a Solar Cell embedded in it . It generates enough power to charge a 2200 mAH battery with ease. This has usb ports inside the backpack where you can plug your device and thus charge it.

You can own this device for about Rs 17,000.

Rukus Solar

Another great thing for camping. So you are in your camp with your friends. The backpack is charging your smart devices. And now you want to listen some music and dance with your friends. Rukus solar will surely help you. This bluetooth speaker powered by solar cell would play full stereo audio for you. It also has USB ports so you can even charge your cell phones through it.

You can own this device for Rs 8,500.

Wagan Solar e Power Cube 1500

This can be the perfect device to own where there is shortage of power and plenty of sunlight. A good device to distribute amongst villagers by NGO’s. This device is solar powered and provide continuous power output in AC upto 1500 watts and with a maximum of 3600 watts. To give you an idea about the wattage, an inverter in my house of 800 watts can power by PC, 4 fans and 4 lights for about 6 hours . So you can now get an idea how powerful this device is.

You can buy this device for about Rs 66,000.

Logitech K750

We all love wireless gadgets. What if its eco-friendly too! Logitech has designed a keyboard which is made up of recycled paper and runs on solar power. No you don’t have to sit in the sun to use it. You can run it of from artificial light too.So now you have a wireless keyboard which runs without any battery forever. The light from your monitor and CFL’s are enough to feed this device.

You can own it by paying Rs 5,990.

Solar Focus Kindle Cover

A cover which can protect your Kindle at the same time charge it. Even covers these days love multi-tasking. It also has an additional battery pack in it.

You can own it by paying Rs 4,500.

So these were a list of some of the Ec0-Friendly gadgets. Which one is your favorite one? Do you know about any other gadget that you would like to share? Any other experience to share. Do all of it by commenting below. Go GREEN!

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