Enable Hibernation in Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest Operating System released by Microsoft. It has a whole lot of new features and design in it. But one issue which people generally face is that the Power Settings are organized in a bad way. It requires us to use mouse and keyboard a lot to shut down, unlike the previous versions of Windows. Another point which you may notice is that the Hibernation feature is not available in the power menu. How to restore that option? Let us follow the steps below to get the option back.

Let us open up the power menu and see what all options are available to us.

The Charms menu might be brought up using the mouse swipe, or by pressing the Win + C. You may then go to the settings to view the available options. Alternatively, you may press Win + I to directly to get onto the settings option of the Charms menu.

As we see here, only three options are available, Sleep, Shut Down, and Restart.

The old hibernate option has been replaced with a better Sleep mode. This sleep mode lets you to resume your work from where you left it. The problem with this mode is that your computer still needs some minimal power supply to be in the Sleep Mode. Once the system loses power while being in this mode, all the unsaved work would be lost.

Hence, the above problem is not present in the Hibernate Mode. Also, many users prefer the Hibernation over the Sleep Mode. If you are among such users then you would like to re-enable the option.

Open up the Control Panel using the link in the Charms Menu. Then open up Power Options.

Next, click on Choose What the Power Buttons Do link located at the left hand side of the window. On top of the page you will see a link which says Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Now, scroll down. You will see a Shutdown Settings category with various checkboxes in it. Enable the Hibernate checkbox option in this category. Click on Save changes.

Now, when you access the Power Menu, you will have the Hibernate option available.

In the present scene, the use of Hibernation is reduced, and the sleep mode is preferred over it. But, for those who still love hibernation, this option is not dead yet.

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