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Best Android Cooking Entertainment Apps

What can be more entertaining than cooking and filling your tummy with delicious appetizers? Therefore, hop on to the next paragraph and see what Android entertainment apps have got for you to entertain while cooking.

Recipe Search

recipe search entertainment app

The first thing you need to fulfill before you can fill your tummy is to find out what will you cook. This task can be completed using this app. Just find out what type of food you want to make, select the category of food in the app for this. After choosing the category, you will have a large list of food items of that category. Now you can choose from the list which recipe you want to prepare. Also you can filter your search by adding particular ingredients. When you finally choose a particular recipe, open it and see the complete recipe for that food item. Also possibility is there that you may even find a YouTube attached to recipe that will take you to the video of that food item preparation so that you learn to prepare that dish step by step. Download this entertainment app using the following link of the Google Play Store.

Download Recipe Search

250,000+ Recipe BigOwen

250000+ recipe big owen entertainment app

This is another huge store of recipes like Recipe search. There are so many recipes here that besides your favorite dishes that you love to eat, there will so many more dishes that you might never have heard of them. Also you may find some dishes which you had in your childhood but haven’t had them from a long time. Another feature of this app is that you may find to prepare dishes from the other dishes so that the investment in preparing the new dish wholly from new things is saved. Also you can share and upload dishes of your own and let others know about it. Download this cooking entertainment app from the link given the line below.

Download 250,000+ Recipe Bigowen


bartender entertainment app

Having a dish alone does not complete the diet, you need to add drinks to make it complete. You can search the drink to serve using the dish you made, or by yourself or by the ingredients. Just show your bartender skills as you have already shown your recipe skills above here. So, to download this entertainment app, move on to the below link which takes you directly to Google Play Store.

Download Bartender

Calorie Counter My Fitness Pal

calorie counter

Whenever there are dishes and appetizers, somebody has to take care of the calorie intake. This task here performed by calorie counter app. It takes care of how intake of calories is taking place. The app is quite helpful in planning the daily dietary scheme for all the three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the other side you will also come to know about how many calorie you have avoided so that you can give a pat on yours back for it. The download link for this app is given below.

Download Calorie Counter My Fitness Pal

Knowledge Book : Cooking


You must believe that if you have knowledge about something, you never lose confidence while performing the concerned task. So, this entertainment app is developed to strength this saying only. It happens that when you come across some exotic recipes, there are ingredients or some particular words that are quite hard to understand. This app will tell all such things and won’t let your confidence to go down. Also the app will help you find any substitute of an ingredient in absence of it. So, all in all, the app is very helpful and a must have for every cooking lover. Download this app from the link provided below and get yourself equipped with knowledge.

Download Knowledge Book: Cooking

Cook Timer


Timing is so important is every task of life. A perfect timing makes it all and a bad timing destroys it all. Same is the case with cooking, timing does it all. It’s just a matter of seconds some time that a beautifully cooked becomes a horribly cooked dish. The app runs a timer different for different ingredient as we know every ingredient doesn’t take same time to cook. So, this entertainment app is quite helpful one. To download this app, I have provided the link below.

Download Cook Timer

Cooking Conversions


Sometimes you need to convert one form of measurement into another, find some substitute to an ingredient in absence of it and sometime you need to convert temperature into another unit, all such tasks can be performed using this cooking conversions app. The app is so simple to use and interface is very good. Download this app on to your device using the link given below.

Download Cooking Conversions


Cook This, Not That!


The app is named after the famous book “Cook This, Not That!” To own this app you need to invest some funds of yours, trust me; the app is so good that you will feel afterwards. The app helps you find substitute of a dish, similar dish, also finds some substitute dishes that have fewer calories or is healthier in any other form.  To download this useful entertainment app go to the below link.

Download Cook This, Not That!

If you have any apps that I missed out, you can share in the comments section.

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