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entertainment app

The Android has got many Entertainment Apps which are ready for you to amaze wherever you are. No one who has an Android smartphone is there who does not use the entertainment apps. But it happens that we might not be aware of all the good Entertainment apps available on the Play Store.

Best Music Player Entertainment Apps


PowerAMP-Music-Player-entertainment app

You must have used various audio players, but you haven’t seen PowerAmp, then you haven’t seen anything. This the most downloaded audio player over the Play Store. The quality offered by this audio player is unmatched. You will find a number of option inside and all of them are so useful and none is useless. The equalizer quality of PowerAmp is outstanding, you will definitely feel change in music quality as you make a slightest change in the equalizer. Though PowerAmp is not a freeware but a paid app but this entertainment app is worth the price. Download it using the below link.

Download PowerAmp


winamp entertainment app

This entertainment app had a predecessor which was used in computer in windows XP. This app is too good in the field of Android Audio players. The app’s interface is very simple and I would say that it is the attracting factor of this app. The app is divided into a freeware and a pro. The freeware is obviously has less features but not too less. Android search is a very feature of Winamp. Many more features are also there which attract you towards it. The pro package has some special features like customizable home screen feature, a bigger and more complex equalizer and similarly many other features. To download Winamp onto your android devices follow the below link.

Download Winamp Free || Paid

Neutron Music player

neutron music player entertainment app

This entertainment app is so smooth. The interface is a bit showy and bright, but the playing music with play gives a soothing touch. The transition from one screen to another is like sliding on a butter or traveling in clouds. The app is fully loaded with a lot of features. Just download it and experience the fun it provides and enjoy the music of your choice. The player is available as trial product which could work in your device for just 5 days. Afterwards this music player is worth buying  for all the music lovers. The download to both, the trial and the paid version are provided below.

Download Neutron Music player Trial || Paid



This music player app is one the coolest of all. Recently, it has been upgraded with new features. The music can be easily searched and can be played while the music is divided by many categories like albums, songs, playlists, genre, folders and group editing. The feature is 10 band equalizer with preset and many more like that. You can easily check the app by downloading the trial version, which remains valid for just 7 days. If you like it and want to continue with it, than you can upgrade it to the pro version.  The download links for Trial part and the premium version are giver below. The links will directly take you to the Play Store.

Download PlayerPro Trial || Premium

Real Player

real player

The real Player app provide you a similar interface as you must have seen in your computers. Real player, as it is, is a trusted app and everyone who has used its computer version will also like the Android version. This entertainment app recently got an up gradation to a paid app level. The interface of this is really cool   Now, it has even more stuff to work with and makes it a better than before. The freeware version is not bad but the paid one scores over the freeware. You download both versions from the below given links. The links take you to the Play Store to download the apps.

Download Real Player



This entertainment app is specially for those who love to attend a lot of concerts. You just need to update it with the artists whose concerts you like to attend and further you will need to update the location in which you presently are. After that you will see a list of concerts of artists you filled in will be displayed on the screen by the app. Also the app will guide you through to the concert site from your current locations using Google Maps feature.

All the above things is not all that the app offers, while in the concert, you can do the rating and view the mood of the crowd around you at that site. Also you can chat and share images of the concerts with yours friends and after the concert anytime you can just logon to those images that you used and enjoy.This entertainment app is a freeware on the Play Store.

Download Gigbox

Double Twist

double twist-android-

This entertainment app is great and the interface does attract you a lot as it is so beautiful. As it is one of the top music apps of Android, it provides you the quality it promises. The features like equalizer, music categorization, searching music and other like this are great. The best thing about the app is that it is a freeware. You don’t need to invest any money to download this app. The download links are provided below that directly take you to the Play Store.

Download Double Twist

Best Video Player Entertainment Apps

VLC Media Player Beta

vlc-for-android entertainment app

If you love to view videos on your smartphone, then this entertainment app is for you. VLC Media Player gives you wonderful interface to view videos and the quality of viewing also very good. You don’t need to download different codecs to play various videos of  different formats unlike most other video players. It is a freeware and you can it from the below link.

Download VLC Media Player

MX Player

MX-Player entertainment app

This entertainment app is the most downloaded Video Player app on the Google Play Store. The interface is so cool. Besides some regular features like good quality video playback, subtitle play and a large variety of video formats being supported here, what makes it different is  screen swiping Up-Down to control the volume, and left-right swiping enables you to move into the video. Something that adds to these marvelous features, is the zoom control with zoom gesture, maintaining timing of subtitles, fixing a child lock. It is the best video player to play all the high resolution videos and that too without lagging anywhere. download this wonderful entertainment app through the below link.

Download MX Player

Mobo Video Player Pro


Some of the things absent in MX player are present in this entertainment app. So, if you have both of the apps installed, you can enjoy the greatest quality of viewing videos available till date. The high resolution video playback is wonderful. The attracting factor is the grid like interface of the videos to select before playing them. It will show all of the videos on your phone at one place, so no need to enter in particular folder to find video, if you know the name, you can very easily find that video. Download this amazing video player from the lnk provided below which takes you directly to the Play Store.

Download Mobo Video Player Pro



BSPlayer doesn’t have a great interface like the best ones in the market, but there are still some of things that MX Player may not play it so good as BSPlayer does it. You won’t ever experience any hitch between sound and video in this player even if you play the MKV of full HD resolutions. This is the beauty of this player that makes it stand alone as compared to others. Another beauty spot of this player is automatic searching the subtitle of the video being played in the player if not present. Except interface, there nothing i this entertainment app that will low down its reputation. Download link that directly takes you to the Google Play Store is provided below. Go and Grab it!!

Download BSPlayer

QQ Player


This entertainment app has an amazing interface that adds to the already fully loaded features of the player. Beside, playing all the popular formats, synchronizing subtitles and gesture support, the player has the capability to even play the MOV format files. If you have some private kind of videos which you do not want others to view, then there is a feature called Private locker. This applies a password lock on the desired videos and those cannot be accessed by others. The download link for this app is provided here.

Download QQ Player

Dice Player


A simple and good looking interface player it is. This entertainment app has all the gesture control supported. other features include, playing varied formats, synchronizing subtitles, and even streaming the videos through internet. The player also provides the lock screen widget to directly open the player from there only. To download this app, a ink has been provided below to take you directly to the Google Play Store.

Download Dice player

VPlayer Video Player


This entertainment app has a nice interface to gain attention  being attractive. It also has all the features that we have found commonly in all the above players, i.e gesture volume, brightness and zoom control, subtitle playing, and streaming videos on the internet. Sometimes, the app hangs and lags and that happens only in some of the Android devices and not all. All in all it is a good video player to have, so download the video player using the link given below.

Download VPlayer Video Player

If you have any apps that I missed out, you can share in the comments section.

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