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Best Video Chatting Entertainment Apps


skype entertainment app

With Skype you can do the Video Conferencing on your Android Smartphone. Before rolling out for Android, the Skype had already set up its market in the world using the Windows and Mac platforms. Skype offers services like video conferencing free of cost from anywhere to any part of the world. Also Skype services include sending SMS, voice calls to anyone in the world at very nominal charges. This entertainment app is very popular among the youth. You can download this app from the Play Store through the below link.

Download Skype


tango-voice-and-video-calls entertainment app

Tango offers you to connect to your friends who also have installed tango on their devices. You can do the Video conferencing very easily through this entertainment app free of cost. Another feature rests here is the video messages, which can left for your friends when they are not online. You download Tango from the below link.

Download Tango

Yahoo! Messenger

yahoo-messenger entertainment app

This entertainment app established itself in the market of chatting and the related stuff when there was no one to do it. In case of video conferencing, Yahoo! scores over the other players in the market by offering this facility to even to do it with the strangers without any cost as it is also a free service. This makes Yahoo! messenger unique enough. Download This app from the following link.

Download Yahoo! Messenger



Fring is a app and provides all those services provided by others like video conferencing, voice calls, SMS, etc. But what makes Fring different from others is that you can add more friends to the video chat. This service really make an edge over the others. To download this entertainment app, you can use the following link of Google Play Store.

Download Fring

ooVoo Video Calls


This app also offers similar features as others. Like Fring, this entertainment app also supports adding more friends to the same video chat, but in Fring, this number is restricted to four however, in this app you can increase this number upto 6. It is not necessary that you can chat with only those who use Android, but you can also chat with those using iPhone or any other platforms. Download ooVoo Video calls from the below link of Google Play Store.

Download ooVoo Video Calls

Qik Video


This app offers all the features of above video chat messengers, but with this you can also share videos online and forward video emails to your loved ones. You can also integrate it with the social networking websites like facebook and stream the online videos easily. To download this app, just go through the below link of Google Play Store.

Download Qik Video

Best Instant Messaging Entertainment Apps



Whatsapp is the most downloaded and the most used app for IM. If you do not know about this then I should tell you that you can chat with your friends in your phone’s contact who have installed Whatsapp free of cost. Also you can share files through this services among your friends. To download this marvelous entertainment app, go through the below link.

Download Whatsapp



Chat On is a Samsung’s initiative for providing IM services over the globe. You can IM your friends using this services. This services is gaining popularity day by day and more and more people are connecting using this technology. You can download this entertainment app using the following link.

Download ChatOn



This is another alternative to Whatsapp and has all the tools of Whatsapp and even more than that. Beside these services, Viber also offers services like calling to your friends free of cost. You need to invest in anything related to this app and use the facility free if cost. To download this entertainment app, go to the following link of Play Store.

Download Viber

Jaxtr SMS

JaxtrSMS entertainment app

This is a SMS service free of cost for the Zone A countries in which India and Us are included. If the recipient has also in this entertainment app, then the messages will appear in the threaded format, while in the other case the recipient will receive messages in the inbox. To download this app, go through the below link of Google Play Store.

Download Jaxtr SMS



Another alternative to Whatsapp is Chat Plus. With chat Plus you can send your personalized handwritten colorful messages to your friends. This is the biggest beauty of this app. You can use emoticons and also share the location in the chat. To download this entertainment app, you have to go to the next line of this post which a link to Google Play Store.

Download ChatPlus



This app is an alternative to whatsapp and has all the features of it. Here you can make different groups like a group of family, another of office friends, another of  college friends, etc. This service is so useful that you never get confused with the person of same name. Download this useful entertainment app through the link below from Google Play Store.

Download GroupMe

eBuddy XMS


You must have worked on eBuddy messenger on java phones, but eBuddy XMS is something different than that, and this app is much more than just SMSs sneding to your friends in the contact list. It allows you to share pictures, videos and other file through the internet. Download this entertainment app from the link provided in the following line.

Download eBuddy XMS

Live Profile


This app has many features which are like add on to the features we have seen in the above apps. You can easily integrate your FB and Twitter accounts, and does all the stuff that you can do on an social site, like updating status, uploading photos, creating display names and many more like that. So, to download this app, you can go through the following link which will take you to the Google Play Store.

Download Live Profile

Best Video Streaming Entertainment Apps


youtube entertainment app

The huge store of all kinds of videos is called YouTube. Very one loves to surf YouTube and watch the videos of their own choice. To do such things on a Android phone, it just takes to download its app to view any video there on the YouTube. Download this entertainment app from the Google Play Store using the following download link.

Download YouTube


netflix-app entertainment app

Netflix is a good source to watch movies and TV shows. The interface of this app s quite good and you can resume the same  video you left incomplete from the left off point. Also you can share what you are viewing on the Netflix to let your friends know about it. You can download this entertainment app from the Google Play store via below link.

Download Netflix


tv-com entertainment app

If you are huge fan of watching TV shows like daily soaps, reality shows, game shows, sports, etc., then this entertainment app is of your use. Just Download this app into your phone through the following Google Play Store link.

Download TV.com


hbo-go entertainment app

This app has a huge store of shows and movies in its background. This entertainment app offers you watching these shows and movies online free of cost. The quality of video is too good. Download this app using the below link.

Download HBO Go.

How To Videos


This app takes you to the house full of how to videos. The chances are quite less that you want to search a How To and you dont find it here. So, encourage your curiosity and view the videos here. Download this app through the below link

Download How To Videos



This app lets you broadcast your videos and also view the videos already there. This is a very useful app and you must have this one in your collection. To download this app you have to go to the link in the next line.

Download Ustream



This entertainment app provides you access to the videos of cartoons. The cartoons videos you will find here are related to the Japanese background like Naruto and Asian cartoons. So cartoon lovers, download this app to view all those cartoons of your choice. Download this app using the below link.

Download Crunchyroll

Vevo HD


This entertainment app is a bit different from the ones mentioned above. This very app lets you stay connected with your celebrity and artists videos. It gets updated daily and you can view your favorite artists video on the go and stay updated with it. Download this app through the below link.

Download VEVO HD



Using this app you can view videos of TED and videos related to technology, politics, education, and everything about the current affairs. If you want to see videos of old stories, you may easily find such videos here. Download it from the below link of Google Play Store.

Download TED Air

If you have any apps that I missed out, you can share in the comments section.

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