epic browser in action

Epic is the first ever web-browser for India, by Indians. It claims to be the worlds only antivirus browser. One month after its release lets checkout whats in store for us. Here is the Epic Browser review.

epic browser in action

  • The first thing I personally liked about this browser was its Indian-ness, that is,  apart from the fact that it was made by Indian in India, epic offers you over 1500 themes and wallpapers.  most of these are based on Indian theme like folk , art, music etc, so that being said it means there is something for everyone.
  • Another unique feature of this browser is the introduction of a side bar , with loads of applications. The applications are various and good enough to cater most of your needs. The apps included contain links to some of the most frequently used sites like Google,Yahoo,Twitter,Facebook to name a few.
  • On clicking the India link on the sidebar you are presented with a plethora of options namely,
  1. News : This gives links to different categories of news and the top stories in the popular news channels.
  2. Hindi
  3. Regional: User can select the desired state and view the news from the regional newspapers in the regional language.More than 15 states are listed here.
  4. Cricket: There are two categories here:Live scores and Cricket News.
  5. Finance:There are two categories here.Finance News and Portfolio.Finance news lists the top stories and gives link to popular finance websites.Portfolio lists the latest values of all the major stock exchanges all over the world.
  6. Events: Lists the events going on in major cities of India,and the best part you can choose the cities.
  7. Daily Mastic: Lists Joke of the day,Quote of the day and Gyaan of the day.
  8. Live TV: Currently it shows only the channels of NDTV. But we can hope for more channels to be added in future.
  9. Music: Links to the top ten music albums.
  10. Videos:Links to videos in many regional languages and some news channels.
  • Antivirus: By default, all the downloads are scanned automatically.Also we scan the files and folders in our system using the scan option available.It uses the ESET antivirus software for scanning. And you can also scan your system from the browser itself.
  • Snippets: This is an excellent feature. If we want to save any text or image on any webpage, we have to just and drag that to the snippet box and give them a label so that we can see it easily whenever we want. It is a very handy feature for images.
  • Videos: Normally when we watch YouTube videos using other browsers,that tab is locked for the video and we will browse using another tab till this video is downloaded completely. Here we can see the progress of the YouTube download or watch it and browse other websites in the same tab as the video is in the side bar.We can also create/add our favorite videos to the playlist and watch it later.
  • My computer: Shortcut to my computer and other files folders in our computer.
  • To-Dos: We can add up to 10 to do tasks and set alerts for them.
  • Timer: There are three different tools in this namely Timer,Stopwatch and Alerts. Using timer we can keep alerts for the work we have to do in the next few hours or minutes.Alerts can be used to set alerts at predefined time  daily or weekly.Stopwatch can be used to find the time spent on a particular task.
  • Facebook,Twitter, Orkut, Gmail & Yahoo Mail, Maps, Jobs.
  • Travel:Gives links to popular travel websites for booking tickets in train or flight and checking and booking the hotel rooms.
  • Backup: Used to backup files from computer to the email accounts. It is available only for Gmail.
  • Add-ons: Supports most of the add-ons used for Mozilla Firefox.
  • Write: It has a full-fledged word processor with support for many regional languages.It has almost all the basic options available in Microsoft word and it is possible to create .doc,.txt etc file extensions. You can type in 15 regional languages including Hindi.

The visual appearance of the browser is sure to remains the center of all the attractions, however the most notable feature remains the side bar.

Since its built with the same technology as the Firefox it’s very well compatible with its add-ons and other services. At the same time its highly customizable and then it being a freeware makes it an excellent choice.

As per its disadvantages, well its a new browser and just one month old it may take some time for its cons to come forward,if any.

Where to download this browser? Right here!Download Epic Browser

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  • August 24, 2010 at 3:18 am

    The widgets are cool enough


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